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Sukh Mahal & Government Museum at Bundi

Sukh Mahal at Bundi
Located by the side of Jait Sagar lake this palace was built by Raja Vishnu Singh ( 1773 – 1821 .A.D ) . This was constructed under the supervision of his Diwan and architect Sukhram in 1776 A.D. and therefore named as Sukha Mahal.
There is a hall on ground floor and dome shaped two rooms on its upper storey. The hall was basically a summer house. A rectangular chhatri constructed on the roof is noteworthy. The palace offers a delightful view for natural lovers.

Rudyard Kipling stayed here for two days and wrote about Bundi’s incomparable heritage and marvellous natural beauty. So it is popular as Kipling Palace among overseas tourists. The palace was constructed in Rajput style of architecture in 17-18th century AD

Entry fee

Sukh Mahal building at Bundi
Entry fee for Indian visitors is single Rs 50/- and it is 75/- for composite, student fee is Rs 5/-
Foreigner single is Rs 200/- and composite is Rs 350/- , student Rs 20/-
Note : Composite entry fees - Sukh Mahal , Rani Ji Ki Baori and 84 Pillared cenotaph

Visiting hours - 9.45 AM to 5.00 PM
There is no restriction to carry any camera or mobile phones inside.

Government Museum

Government Museum near Sukh Mahal at Bundi
Located near to Sukh Mahal , this museum has a collection of Arms and Ammunitions , Sculptural Art Tradition, Bundi and Kota school of painting etc. There are display of arrows , pre historic stone and copper instruments , different types of swords, Katars and Chhuris , Shield and swords, Guns and Gun powder flasks, Muzzle loading and percussion cap guns, various types of Revolvers, Spears.
Average time for visiting the museum is 15 minutes.

Entry fee

Entry fee for Indian visitors is single Rs 20/- , student fee is Rs 10/-
Foreigner single is Rs 100/- , student Rs 50/-, student fee is Rs 50/-
Visiting hours - 9.45 AM to 5.00 PM
No photography is allowed inside the Museum.

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