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Amber Fort

Amber Palace Entrance
This majestic fort was the capital of Kachhwaha before Jaipur. Located at a distance of 11 KM from Jaipur this big fort was the center for nearly six centuries. If you are traveling by public transport or by tourism bus services then you have to take help of local jeep service to reach the Gate of the Amber Fort. Both ways it is Rs 20 per head. The Jeep will take you to the entrance of the fort by passing through narrow lanes of the small locality developed around this fort.

Amber Fort
This fort is nicely located at the top of a hill by the side of Jaipur Delhi highway. Amber Fort has the blend of Rajput and Mughal architecture. The main palace was constructed by Raja Man Singh and his successors had added many other parts of the fort. Amber Palace The main fort has Diwan-i-Khas or the private meeting hall, Diwan-i-Am or the Hall for the public audience, Sukh Niwas or the Hall of Pleasure, Sheesh Mahal or the hall of mirrors, Jai Mandir or the Hall of Victory, and Jas Mandir or Hall of Glory etc. Sheesh Mahal is the most beautiful one where mirrors are placed on walls and roofs of the rooms. These places were used as sleeping rooms for royal family, with one candle light with many reflections in all mirrors the rooms was giving a feeling of open sky. In the summer house of king marble walls were made of layers of slabs allowing water to pass between them. Water flows from top tank through these walls and gets collected in the open garden for further recycling. This way the rooms were kept cool for the royal family. There are different sections for different queens inside the palace and king has access to each queens area separately.

The palace has special areas marked for security guards within the palace and in the peripheral walls of the fort.

Entry ticket per person is Rs 20 and camera ticket is Rs 40. Lockers are available for the tourist to deposit their camera if they are not taken inside.

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