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Nandapur Batrish Singhasan
This historical place is 22 KM from Padwa on Jeypore road. This place is famous for Batrish Singhasan and waterfall.

Batrish Singhasan

The King of Jeypore Sri Vikaramaditya used this place for administration purposes. Usually after hunting in the nearby forest area , Vikaramditya used to come to this place and sit in the throne which was placed at a small hill top connected with 32 steps. This throne was know as Vikaramadityas Batrish Singahsan. Or Kings 32 step throne. By sitting on this throne the king use to deliver excellent judgement on the issues of the people. There are several stories written about the justice delivered by the king sitting on this throne.

There is a old Siva Temple built in 13th century and a famous Buddhist site built in the 11th century. In addition to that there is a famous temple of Lord Ganesh. Hati Pathara is a elephant like stone located on the way to Rani Duduma water fall.

Rani Duduma waterfall

From Nadapur four road Junction ( main market area ) you have to take a right turn while coming from Padwa side. Its is 3 KM from this Nadapur Main market on Vizag - Jeypore main road. Your vehicle can go around 3 KM and you have to trek for around 1 KM passing through the paddy fields and by side of the river. The water remains throughout the year and it increases in monsoon season. You can take bath below the waterfall.

It will take minimum 45 minutes to visit this waterfall and return to Nadapur.

How to reach Nandapur ( From Araku Padwa side )

Nandapur is 23 km from Padwa on main Vizag - Jeypore road. From Padwa after travelling 9 km you will reach a Y junction at Handiput. The left side road will go to Kota(45km) & Lamataput(22km) The right side road will go to Nandapur which is 14 KM from this Y junction. From Nandapur the road will further go and join Vijayanagaram Koraput road at Similiguda. No accommodation is avilable at Nandapur. You can stay at Similiguda or at Padwa.

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