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Gupteswar Shiva temple

Gupteswar Temple
This is one of the famous Shiva temple of Southern Orissa. This temple is located inside a cave. The Shiva Linga is a natural one exists from old ages. As this Shiva Linga is located inside a cave and it was not accessible easily in old days so it is known as Gupteswar or hidden Shiva temple. After Darshan of Lord Shiva there is a way by the side to visit further inside the cave. This area is inside deep forest and there is no facility to stay here, the only tourist rest house of Orissa tourism is not in operation.

Carry a powerful torch light with you. It is better if each member of your team carry one torch light. There are local kids who can show you different formations at a cost of Rs 10/-. This cave is quite long and you need to have expert guide to venture further inside the cave.

From the parking area there are nearly 170 steps to be climbed to reach the entrance of the cave.

How to reach Gupteshwar.

Gupteswar Cave There is no direct public transport available to reach Gupteshwar, you have to hair a vehicle from Jeypore or from nearby places. Usually rugged vehicle or MUV are better choice for this hill road. Even though it is tar road but in several places ditches are there and in some places high slops are there.

Patraput bridge

After travelling 12 KM from Jeypore you will cross Patraput bridge, this is one of the picnic spot of Jeypore residents. After crossing the bridge within 1 KM distance you will reach a Y junction. Straight road will go to Boipariguda ( 9 KM ) and then Gupteshwar, left side road will take you to Lamtaput ( 22 KM ), Machakund ( 45 KM ), Jalaput ( 59 KM ), Vizag ( 198 KM ).


Gupteswar roadAfter travelling 9 KM from Patraput bridge you will reach Boipariguda. From here left side road will go to Malkangiri and straight road will take you to Gupteshwar. After 22 KM from Boipariguda you will reach Ramagiri Junction. Take right turn here and Gupteswar is 12 KM from here.

From Jeypore Patraput bridge is 12 KM
From Patraput bridge Boipariguda is 9 KM
Boipariguda to Ramagiri Junction is 22 KM
Ramagiri Junction to Gupteswar is 12 KM
From Jaypore to Gupteswar distance is 56 KM.

Before reaching Gupteshwar there is a tradition of offering branch of leave to local temple ( goddess Dalkhae ) for safe journey, branches of leaves are available for one rupee.

Food at Gupteswar

There are limited options of restaurants available near the Gupteswar cave. One operating restaurant was unable to cater the demands of tourist. So in tourist seasons give advance to this person and ensure that they keep food ready for you on your return from temple. However during festival times like Shivaratri and Mondays ( of Sravan month ) there will be more temporary hotels offering good food. Near by river There is a river close to the cave; you can visit the river after visiting the temple or before that. A chain arrangement is there to protect the devotees while taking bath in river.

Shivaratri festival

During Shivaratri festival devotes from local areas and from Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh visit Siva temple and during these festival many shops open their temporary outlets offering all types of toys , dressing materials and many more items.

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abhijit giri


i like this gupteswar.
Bijay Chandra Tanti


I was so surprise to see the beautiful n old statue. N I feel greatly blessed to see such a holy place.
kapil samal


Guptesawar was koraput 80 km nice places form lord siva etc


Just wow its very nice pic lcnt explain my experience,l just want to stay and watch the beautiful lord Siva temple and also enjoy the cute forest....really orissa z a beautiful state,


Very nice place
Vishwanath V Irkal


2017 may 30th from Jagdalpur by bus reached Jeypore,again got bus for Boipariguda,by sharing jeep reached Ramgiri,gotdown at cross,from here 12 kms no transportation,i was alone requested a bike person he droped before 1 km,reached Gupteshwar had bath in river Shabari beatiful location,went to gufha had gupteshwar ling darshan,near by Swargdwar & Parbeda caves ,in a car one family arrived after requesting they gave drop to Ramgiri,i was kept my bag in a shop at Ramgiri is better to get a jeep from Boipariguda for Gupteswar,it is worth visiting

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