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Duduma Waterfall

Duduma Waterfall
How to reach Duduma waterfall
From Padwa - Araku -Visakhapatnam side
From Visakahaptnam travel to Araku and then continue further in Jeypore road ( take right side road after 7 KM from Araku, left side road goes to Chaparai - Paderu ). Enter into Odisha at Chatwa. You will reach Padwa ( Odisha state) after driving 30 KM from Araku. From Padwa further 9 KM you will reach Handiput Junction. Take left road and reach Sagar Junction by traveling another 10 KM. From here you have two roads to Duduma Waterfall. Left side road will take you to waterfall directly via Jalaput where you can see two reservoirs with water discharge dams.


Other rood will take you via Lamataput Junction. From Lamataput Machkund is 21 KM and straight road will go towards Gupteswar ( 67 KM ). In this road you can travel to Machkund village where you can take permission from Local Police station to visit Power House at Onukudelli.

It is nearly 100 KM from Araku Valley ( 200 KM from Visakhapatnam )

To visit Power house you need to take permission from Machkund Police station. Fill a form and submit copy of your vehicle details. Collect your permission and then travel towards Duduma waterfall and Power house.

Duduma Water fall

After travelling from Machkund first you will see a stock dam which controls flow of water to powerhouse. From this reservoir water is passed through a canal to reach the entry point of tube - tunnel of power house. This Dam is known as Onukudelli dam. Excess water goes out to river.

From here while travelling to Onukudelli power house, at your left will be a parking area where view of Duduma waterfall is visible. From here around 700 steps are there to go down to base of the waterfall. Water falls from a height of 175 metres or 574 ft. From parking area at a distance of 50 meter there is a view point but be carefully while standing at the edge as there is no support available and you may loose your balance if wind speed is high ( highly dangerous ). Specially take care while taking photo of the waterfall.
Duduma Dam

Onukudelli and Powerhouse.

There is a winch to take the employees from Onukudelli township at the top to the lowest pint that is powerhouse. This winch of 18 Ton capacity travels a distance of 800 meter and it takes nearly 17 minutes to travel ( one way ). Pulled by a wire rope over a twin rail track through a winch drum managed by 95 HP slip ring motor from the winch house at the top.

There is a road connectivity bypass road of 6 KM distance to go down to base of power house

Water comes down in 6 tubes and the power house has capacity of 120 MW with 6 turbines.

To visit Powerhouse you need to take permission from Machkund village Police Station ( before 8 KM from Onukudelli )

There is a weekly market on every Thursday at Onukudelli where you can spot Bonda tribes.

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