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Turbans of Rajasthan

Villager with Turban If you have been to Rajasthan, you must have seen how different types of colorful turbans used. Turbans known as Pagadis in local language mostly used in Rajasthan reflect the cast, culture, profession of the person. In the modern cities of Rajasthan you may not find many people using turbans but in rural areas you will find all the people using turbans.

While performing pujas (religious functions) or attending any such function one must cover his or her head. It is a symbol of humility or surrendering to the god by the people.

On different occasions different types of turbans are used. Plain and muted color turbans are used during a period of mourning. On the occasion of daughter wedding it is an honor to present the turbans to brides in law family members.

If a community ostracizes a person then he has to cover his head by a white cloth to inform others about his status.

Turbans give a snap shot about the person reflecting his cast, profession and many other things. Here is a list of types of turbans used by different casts in Rajasthan.

Bishnoi community White
Jat community safa white
Raika community Red bright turban
Langa Kalbeliya color checked
Rajput Five coloured
Ram snehi community White
Kabir Community Red
Sanyasi community Ochre colored

Turbans for sellAfter the death of family head there will be a function known as Pagari Rasam in which the eldest son wears the Pagari and takes over the responsibility as the new family head.

There is a custom of exchange of Pagari between two families as a symbol of close friendship.

If carried by a man by his hand and presented to woman, means death of her husband.

Turban once knocked over means insult to the person and if some ones turban is placed at other mans feet mean complete surrender.

Foreign tourist visiting Rajasthan gets attracted by the colorful turbans and in some places like inside Jaisalmer fort, Jaipur palace etc turbans of different colors are sold.

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