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Camels of Rajasthan

Camels at Thar Desert Camels are known as ship of the desert. The villagers inside desert area keep camels as domestic animals and earn their livelihood through this animal. What is the cost of a camel? My guide replied that it varies from Rs twenty thousand to thirty thousand. So this is not a small amount for a villager in India so how do they identify this animal as their own when there are many moves around each village or inside the jungle area ? I got this doubt and asked to my guide. Every camel will carry a mark below its ear representing the village of the owner. So you can see marks below the ear for BEEDA or HATTAR ( name of two villages inside desert ) depending on which villages it belongs.

Within the village there are few families who know each other and know who owns which camel. Again I got a doubt what happens if some one buy or sell a camel. Usually this is done during fares like Pushkar camel festivals. The marks on the camel can't be changed, so it is to be identified as camel of the first villages even though it has changed its owner. I found there is an unrecorded agreement between villages about this system and every one follows this.

Marking of owner village on CamelCamels are used as for transporting goods by using a cart or by loading goods on the camel. Villages they are used as main transport for shifting goods. Special water tanks are used for bringing drinking water to different places inside desert. Camels particularly those used for tourist safari are decorated with nice cloths and ornaments.

Husk is the camel's best food and they also eat leaves of some desert trees. Camels are one of the tourist attractions at Sand dunes and give good return to their owners here during tourist seasons.

National Research Centre on Camels

Bikaner Jaipur road at a distance of 7 KM from Bikaner National Research centre on Camel is located. This institute has taken up many projects to benefit the local villages to get best return on their Camels. There are around 250 camels are there in this reach centre.

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