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Trekking to Dhaneli camp

Dhaneli Village woman Dhaneli village was at a distance of 14 KM from Hattar camp. But we know this distance is not accurate and there will be little extra also so started bit early for our next camp. The desert was very cool in the morning, we were aware that it is not going to be same around noon so we were trying to cover more distance before the lunch. Our guide stopped in between and shown a curl mark on the sand saying a snake has crossed over. Based on our previous days experience we spread out and started moving keeping a safe distance from our camel and guide to catch some more glimpses of desert animals.

Camp near  DhaneliAround 12 PM we reached near a sand hill, it was not a sand dune as it was a big one. Took our lunch before this hill and after a break we started again. After lunch trekking was bit difficult as we had to trek through sand hills only. After 4 KM walking on these hills we reached an open space with bit low land and some big trees. Any big tree mean place to take rest, this also helps in slow walkers to assemble at a point. This place was looking bit different , some man made structures were there, it was looking like some burial ground with a small temple at a distance. This point was just half KM distance from Dhaneli village and our camp was at the other side of the village. We passed through the Dhaneli village to our camp. Here we managed that day and till next day with hard drinking water. There was a water pump and tap near the camp so some of us took bath here. Enough water to clean ourselves but not so good for drinking.Village house in Dhaneli There it was an opportunity for some village kids to earn bit extra money. Purchased a one liter package drinking water for Rs 20 ( more than to double rate for a local brand ) . I could have managed without it but I was not intended to disappoint the little boy. Another point was to spend some time with him getting some information about the village and the people around. Then I found some more kids with butter milk and cool drinks also. Dhaneli village is connected by road and these boys were getting these products from a village shop.

Like other camps we finished our dinner just after the sunset. Next day trek was to Barna camp.

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