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Internet Connection while travelling in India

For regular internet usage we depend on Broadband connection taken from state owned BSNL but I was searching for another connection which can keep me connected while I am on the move. I decided to go for Relinace Netconnect USB modem. Two factors were there for selecting Reliance Net Connect, first one is the CDMA technology which is faster than GPRS offered by all GSM service providers and the second one is the spread of Reliance Network across the country. In the absence of 3G & WinMax service this connection is the best as of now in India for people who travel frequently.

I paid the money for Reliance Netconnect USB modem and for the starter kit. Next day an executive from Reliance office arrived for verification & in the same day evening the USB modem was delivered. It was slightly bigger than a pen drive and was looking like one MP3 player

Installing the software and setting up the modem.
The most important thing is to install the software before connecting the USB modem. The installation of drivers & the dialer was like any other installation. The software CD (driver) comes witht the modem kit. Instructions are available in the booklet given in the box and is user friendly. So after finishing all these loading of the software, I inserted the modem in one USB port. Everything went well and I opened the dialer.

As per the manual I have to activate my connection first. Dialed *288 and keyed the scratch card number as per the instruction prompted. Don't forget to connect the headphone (came with the kit) to the jack at the backside of the modem. You can listen to all the instructions through this head phone.

It is a phone too.
After this activation procedure, I realized that this is not only an internet connection but a phone with all facilities like address book, SMS etc. I was not sure of all the tariffs I have to pay for all my incoming calls and SMS in roaming so just tested by asking one of my friends to call this number. Voice clarity was same as normal CDMA Reliance phone I was using. I was informed that like normal CDMA phone I can use this so I have to pay roaming once I am outside my home state. Post paid and prepaid connections available. But in some towns Reliance webworld people are not offering prepaid because of some unknown reasons.

Browsing the net
After activating the phone I just used my phone number as userid and password and connected to net. Speed was OK as expected but it was not that fast as my BSNL broadband.

I was impressed with the simplicity in installing and getting connected but my main requirement of accessing internet while on move depends on coverage of Reliance. I will be posting about this experience soon. Probably this is the best internet connection available so far which I can use while I am on train, airport or at some remote place.

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sumanta kumar sahoo


give the price detail
monthly rental etc.


give detail regarding abut usb net connection


Plz Give the details of price rent etc and location i want to TOHANA city Distt. Fatehabad State Haryana in this place its working or not
Amit Joshi


i m using reliance netconnect in my gsm
mobile it gives the speed 115.2kbps.its very fast at lower cost.


i am not able to use internet while roaming as it asks to enter access point.please tell me what to do.


it not fast its slow

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