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Tirathgarh waterfall

Tirathgarh Waterfall near Jagdalpur
Located on Mugabahar river this waterfall is inside Kanger valley Ghat. At a distance of 36 KM from Jagdalpur this waterfall is located close to Kutumsar Cave ( 10 KM upto main road and 6 KM waterfall = 16 KM ). Read the road way and how to reach Tirathgarh water fall in Kutumsar Cave details.

Good restaurants are not available near the waterfall. Locally setup stalls offer oily food and biscuit packets are sold even after expiry dates. So better to carry your food or return to Jagdalpur to have your food. There is no accommodation available and tourist visit this place for one or two hours and return to Jagdalpur. This is a best picnic spot for people of nearby areas.

This is best place to take bath as you can climb down to the base of the water using 210 steps. It is not so difficult to climb up in steps.

Jagdalpur is the nearest city having rail and road connectivity.

If you are planning to visit Chitrakoot waterfalls and Tirathgarh water fall in same day then visit Tirathgarh and Kutomsar Cave first ( morning ) and then visit Chitrakoot fall in afternoon around 4 PM.

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