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Kutumsar cave

Kutumsar Cave Inside Kanger valley forest area, this cave is near Tirathgarh water fall and located at a distance of 40 KM from Jagdalpur.

How to reach Kutomsar Cave

If you are coming from Vizag, Koraput ,Jeypore side then take left turn from the first entrance gate of Jagdalpur. Ask for Sahid Park and take again left turn. From Guru Govind Singh chawk take left and go straight for Tirathgarh. After travelling 14 KM from Jagdalpur take a left turn at Keshlur for Tirathgarh. Just after left turn you will cross the railway line and travel in a wide road with lot of bends. After travelling 13 KM on this road you will reach entrance point of cave and waterfall.

The left side road is towards Kutumsar cave ( 10 KM ) and right side road is to Tirathgarh waterfall ( 6 KM ).

There is a counter to buy your entry tickets , this is common counter for both Kutumsar cave and Tirathgarh waterfall.

Video camera charges are Rs 200/-
Still camera is Rs 25
Per head entry fee is Rs 25/-
Vehicle entry fee is Rs 50/- for car , jeep etc
Guide fee Rs 50/-

Complete your entry formalities by buying tickets. Ask in the counter if it is good to visit the Kutumsar cave first or go for the waterfall. There is a queue for entry to Kutumsar cave so if more tourist have gone to cave then there will be a big queue so you can visit waterfall first. Usually it takes one hour to reach this area from Jagdalpur so peak time for cave is between 11 and 1 PM. The cave closes at 3 PM . However ask at the counter regarding tourist rush to cave and then decide. ( Sometime if few tourist are there you may feel lonely inside jungle )

Kutumsar Cave Entrance After buying the entry tickets , you have to travel 10 KM in a Jungle Kutcha road with big trees around. There are speed breakers erected before and after bends to regulate the vehicle speed. This is single lane road and overtaking is not possible. It is bit difficult to give way to incoming vehicles.

There is no food, restaurant or any shops are available near the cave. So carry drinking water and eatables. But don't try to enter into the caves carrying bags etc as you have to keep your both hands free.
Carry your camera which can take shots in zero light condition or use flash .

Private vehicle and taxis are not allowed to go near the cave. You have to hire open Jeep to cover this 10 KM stretch jungle road. Cost is 1500/- per Jeep

If possible carry one torch light with you as your guide will be showing light to a group of tourists ( not you alone ) . Tourist are allowed to enter into the cave in batches and there will be long queue in busy tourist seasons. Entry inside is regulated by not allowing more people inside. Minimum 30 minutes are required to visit the cave. Entrance of the cave is narrow and you have to crawl a bit at the starting. At the entrance one person can only enter at a time. Few meters you have to go down in sitting position and then circular staircase is erected to take you to floor level. Once inside, the cave is wide open and you can freely walk around the walkway with the help of hand railings. Local tribes work here as guides each holding charging lights and they will take you around the cave. However keep a watch on wet and muddy floor as you will be moving in zero light condition and guide light will not be available to you always. High Hill or pointed shoes makes the walk on uneven floor more difficult. This cave is 330 meter long and depth is 72 ft.

Blind fish inside the cave.

This is a total dark cave so without any light the small fish available in water deposits are known as blind fish as they can't see any thing. You can touch them as they won't able to see your finger. There are water deposits around the cave and ask your guide to show you these small fishes.
There are different formations of stalactites and stalagmites inside the cave. Some are worshiped as Shiva Lingas.

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