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Toy Train to Shimla

Inside seats Shivalik Deluxe Express The best way to reach Shimla is to travel by Toy train from Kalka. The railway track is small in width between Kalka and Shimla and is known as meter gauge track opened by British Government in the year 1903. The distance of 96 KM between Shimla and Kalka passes through 102 tunnels and 87 bridges. There are more than 20 stations in this railway system which still uses the old Neals Token Instrument system for track interlocking. It connects Kalka at an height of 656 meter to Shimla at 2076 meter from mean sea level. There are around 900 curves and sharpest curve is of 48 degree. The five hour journey is one of the best train journeys for tourist operated by Indian railway. For updated train time and schedule visit the Indian railway site.

On July 2nd 2008 UNESCO’s world heritage committee has decided to add Kalka–Shimla Railway to world heritage list & in a function at Kalka on 9th Nov 2008 this railway line was officially declared by UNESCO as world heritage site.

Each train can take 210 passengers and in a day around 1000 passengers mostly tourist use this train to visit Shimla. The ticket in the trains varies from Rs 19 to Rs 280-/ . There are deluxe , honeymoon , chair car , rail car compartments in the trains.

The train route passes through beautiful valley and hills and it almost moves in up word direction (climbing) through out its journey ending at Shimla the capital of Himachal Pradesh. Most of the time during the journey from Kalka to Shimla the valley falls in right side of the train.

Shivalik Deluxe ExpressThe best train in this line is Shivalik Deluxe Express which starts in the early morning from Kalka. You can reach Kalka in the morning by traveling in different trains if you don't want to stay for a night at Kalka.

Shivalik experess is connecting train for the Howrah ( Kolkata ) to Kalka Mail which reaches Kalka station at 04.45 AM. This train passes through Delhi ( old Delhi ) railway station, so this is the convenient train to reach Kalka from Delhi to catch Shivalik express. This train starts from Delhi station for Kalka at 22.00 hours but its arrival time at Delhi is 20.40 hours. During its more than an hour stay at Delhi station the train is cleaned and prepared for its next phase of journey to Kalka.

We reached Kalka at 4.45 AM and Shivalk exp departure time was 5.30 AM. But check the timing from Indian Railway before planning your journey. As both the platforms were side by side (broad gauge and meter gauge) we could board Shivalik Exp without any difficulty.

The coaches are equipped with reversible cushioned chairs, foldable table for serving food, wall-to-wall carpeting and wide glass windows. Windows can be opened. Toilet is there in each compartment. The train starts climbing the hill within five minutes of starting the journey. Shivalik Deluxe ExpressWith a speed of not more than 25 Km / hour the train will take you to Shimla the summer capital of erstwhile British India.

Shivalik express does not have any official stops between the journey, only it stopped at BAROG where food packets were loaded to the train. All attendants loaded there food packs based on the number of passengers traveling in the compartment. If you need you can book extra breakfast before the Barog station on payment. The attendant will take a note before loading the food packs if you are a vegetarian. The breakfast is complementary in the up journey ( to Shimla ) and dinner is included in your ticket in down ( to Kalka ) journey. It was a memorable experience to have my breakfast on the train while passing through tunnels and bridges.

Shivalik Deluxe Express BAROG was the name of a British engineer who was in charge of digging the longest tunnel in this rail network. He started his work from both ends of the hill and unfortunately the two ends didn't align and never meat. British government fined Rs 1 to him for wasting govt money. He was under depression and committed suicide.

On your way you can see SOLAN BREWERY and many other small passenger stops. Shivalik exp took nearly 5 hours for us but other trains takes more than 6 hours to cover the distance of 96 KM. During our journey most of the rivers were dry or left with little water as this part of the State gets water through rain.

Shivalik Deluxe Express After passing through tunnels, rivers and valleys we finally reached Shimla which is the last stop for this train and end of the rail track.

Shivalik Train No 52451

Ticket Booking

Booking for this train is to be done in much advance during summer seasons particularly in April – May – Jun months. Similarly there will be a rush during Dasara holidays. Dasahera function usually falls in the month of October. From last week of December to First week of January many tourist from Delhi, Chandigarh and nearby places visit Shimla to celebrate new year. During these times book your ticket in much advance.

Shivalik Exp at Shimla Booking can be done from website. For Shivalik Express tickets can be booked in 90 days before and for other trains it is one month. For example booking will open on Aug 21st 8 AM for Himalayan Queen for the date of Journey of 20th Sep. But the for the same date of journey ( Sep 20th ) if you are booking on 22nd Aug then you can book at 5 AM. Please check up the updated reservation schedule at website.

Rail Motor

Rail Motor is a single compartment train, it has transparent roof top. This is like a bus running on a rail track. Limited number of sitting arrangements is there in this and this runs in tourist seasons only. This does not have a toilet facility. Booking for this is available one month before only.

Time Table for toy train

Shimla town and railway station

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I am having trouble booking this train for the 31st August. When I put in Kalka Simla in the IRCTC web two other trains appear but not this one. Is it still running? Thanks for any help
This train is there, ensure that you select CC ( chair car ) in class drop down list. Total train is CC ( chair car ) only.
Best train tis Shivalik Express, starts early morning from Kalka & reaches Shimla by 11.00 AM. You can book ticket at
I don’t think they will add extra coaches as the hill train length is to be maintained and the engines have fixed capacity to pull. During this holiday season it is difficult to say any thing. You can try but if you don’t get train then you can travel by road and watching the train from road is another excitement. By continuing in road you can maintain your onward travel plans. But nothing can match the enjoyment of Shivalik Express.
Dec to Jan is the busy season for Shimla. Tourist visit this place for X-mas and new year. So better to book in advance. During this period rush is more compared to Summer time here.

we 1 couple and 1 child are are traveling to shimla in the month of December, need to know which is the best toy train and does all the trains provide breakfast/luch /dinner
i want to know timeing chandigarh to delhi all trains
kalka to delhi,kalka to shimla ,dharampur to shimla,shimla to barogh ,barogh to dharampur,dharampur to kalka .please send me timeing with fair
Shivalik Exp only provide breakfast while going to Shimal in morning and Dinner in return to Kalka. This is the best train in this line particularly for tourists. Other trains are there but this is the best one. Detail train time table is available at
Mohit Purwar17-10-2008
I am much interested to enjoy this beutiful journey by Shivalik express.I would try to celeberate Ist new year with my wife after marriage.
please send to me kinnor kailash map with hotel namae and telephone number
i want to book ticket for 2 couple from kalka to shimla in which train i should go i want luxury toy train please mail me.
Morning Shivalik Express is the best for you. This delux train is for tourist.
i am planning to visit shimla around 6-7 december and need to book train from kalka to shimla. we have 4 adults and one child(4 yrs) and we need to go in same to book this.when you go to booking it asks upper or lower berth, does this train has two levels. we need to see around and go, what is the best train and how to book
There is no upper or lower berth in these trains. You have to select proper type of seat while booking. Keep changing the type of seat and see how the train list changes.
I have booked a ticket for 3 persons in kalka-simla express. I am having waiting 3 4 5. what about if my waiting is not clear on the date of journey?
How I will travel?
Will we be allowed to do journey in train?
reply soon
It is like any other train, you have to take conformed tickets only. There are other trains and during some peak seasons there may be an extra train. Any time the road option is always there to reach Shimla from Kalka (even if you missed the train ) and to continue with your onward tour plan.
Kishan saha04-12-2008
hey its kishan . we are going to himachal pradesh this winter. and planning to go simla by Shivalik Express from kalka... hope to be a memorable journey for our life..
I think it will be a lifetime achievment.
I want to know the time, distance and transportation avilable to shimla from himachal railway station
Reena 07-01-2009
Hi.. I am from Kolkata and I am planning to visit Shimla in Feb 2009. I would like to know whether Shivalik express really is a connecting train from kalka to shimla? that means if for some reason (since its winter season) kalka mail is dealyed by 5 to 6 hrs, Shivalik express will wait for the kalka mail to arrive?
1. Login at
2. select SRC as "KLK" and DST as "SML" , Class as "CC"
3. Make bookings in grp of 5 + 2
Your you seven Simla is going to be a Heaven...;)
Reena, Yes Shivalik express will wait for Kalka Mail to arrive no mater how late it is. 95 % of Shivalik's passengers are those who arrives in Kalka.
Several folks have asked that how to book the tickets. Well here it is :
a. Logon to
b. Source is Kalka "KLK" and Destination is Simla "SML", Select class as Chain Car "CC"
c. Check AVailability
d. Make Payments online to IRCTC.
e. Print the Ticket

Happy Journey
We are planing to Simla in Feb-2009 from Rajkot-Delhi-kalka to simla. we want to know about train available in thise root.
As per IRCTC E-Ticket guide it is 90 day in advance excluding the date of journey. Booking opens only after 8.00 AM . But this range is not applicable to all the trains perticularly for special trains and some other trains, so regular trains only you can book for 90 days in advance
I am reaching kalka from Delhi at around 4.30 am. Now I am taking the 6.00 am train to be on a safer side. but I guess this is not the special train as the Shivalik exp. which leaves at 5.30... so what do you say? Both trains are comparable in the quality or shivalik is special and will shivalik wait for the train which is coming from Delhi to arrive?
Rajesh Mehta08-02-2009

Train Train Name Dep. Arr. Travel
101 RAIL MOTOR 05.10 09.35 04.25
1KS KLK SML PASSKLK 04.00 09.15 05.15
241 SHIVALK DLX EXP 05.30 10.15 04.45
251 KALKA SIMLA EXP 06.00 11.00 05.00
255 HIMALYAN QUEEN 12.10 17.20 05.10
Ashish Mahajan11-02-2009
I have planned to visit Manali in march 2009, how can I reach there with train ? or Which route is better for me? please suggest and how we book that ?
Please let me know what is the fare detals in Toy Train from Kalka to Shimla.
Hi ,
Can anyone please let me know some good budget hotels for night stay at Kalka near Railway station as I have to catch the Toy train early morning . I will be at kalka at 21:40 hrs and have to catch the train in the early morning 5:10
Thanks for the good site for shimla tourism information

Dipten Sardar02-03-2009
I want to know how many days before the reservation counter open for SHIVALIK EXP.

amit mishra04-03-2009
I will be reaching kalka at around 4.45 morning by Howarh kalka mail. There is chance of getting delayed by this train. Can U suggest me, shall I book rail ticket in Shivalik deluxe toy train????? Is this train continuation of howarh kalka mail to shimla??????? I dont want to miss this train so what should I do? is there any chance this toy train may be delayed for howarh kalka mail...
I am traveling to Shimla from Kalka but unable to book ticket on Shivalik Exp even when I book 80 days in advance. Why is it so??
Meenakshi mathur03-04-2009
I want to book ticket from Kalka to Shimla of dated 10.4.2009 for 10 persons and I want to know how many days before the reservation counter open for SHIVALIK EXP. cost of ticket per head from chandigarh to shimla.
how to reach kalka from ambala cantt. is their any train which is connected between ambala cntt and kalka station.and what are the timings of the toy train from kalka to simla.
Railway staff at ticket counter and in office at Kalka Railway Station is really rud to passenger so be careful while dealing with them.
Rajindra Sanwal14-05-2009
Gaurav Kumar22-05-2009
Does the Rail Motor from Kalka to Shimla wait for the Kalka mail from Delhi. There is only 20 min in between which seems a very short time
Sukhendu Roy Chowdhury22-05-2009
This June I am going to Shimla from Delhi. I will be arriving at Kalka at 11.45 a.m. I have booked my ticket in Himalayan queen upto Shimla. I wonder in case the Kalka Satabdi gets late shall I still be able to catch Himalayan queen?
Let me know that whwther Shivalik Express is a connecting train with howrah klaka mail or not ???
vijay jain11-06-2009
From KALKA (Station Code KLK) To SHIMLA (Station Code SML)
No Train Name Dep
Time Arr
Time Type of Seat Remark
101 Rail Motor 5.10 9.35 FC - First Class Temporary Train
1KS KLK SML Pass 4.00 9.15 FC - First Class Regular Train
241 Shivalk Dlx Exp 5.30 10.15 CC - Chair Car Regular Train
251 KLKA SIMLA Exp 6.00 11.00 FC - First Class
2S-Second Sitting Regular Train
241 Shivalk Dlx Exp 5.30 10.15 CC - Chair Car Regular Train
255 HIMALYAN QUEEN 12.10 17.20 CC - Chair Car Regular Train
Do I need to book hotels in shimla and manali in advance during 1st wk of July. Also like to know whether on spot bus ticket bookings for moving from shimla to manali and manali to delhi can be made or not???
I want to know about Himalayan Queen, AC Chair Car facilities.
I rode this train in 1985. It was very nice. It took 5 hours and only cost 25 cents (US).
Can somebody suggest a decent hotel close to Kalka Railway station to stay in with the family. Thanks
Will anyone tell me how should I book the Kalka -Shimla express train no.1KS (KLK SML DEP time: 4.00 ARRI. time: 9.15 FC - First Class)? Please tell me about the charges of booking per person.
anuj sinha11-08-2009
Actually my colleagues will decide to trip in Shimla. But we don't know about Lucknow to Shimla route please let me know Lucknow to Shimla nearest station and train
Abhijeet Gaurav11-08-2009
Will anyone tell me how should I book on 14th August 2009 the Kalka -Shimla express train no.1KS (KLK SML DEP time: 4.00 ARRI. time: 9.15 FC - First Class)? Please tell me about the charges of booking per person.
Actually I will get marriage for last 3month.i will decide my honeymone to trip in shimla.but we don't know about chennai to shimla route please let me know chennai to shimla nearest station and train
Bani 23-08-2009
Hi Indira, Take a train from Chennai to New Delhi. You\'ll get Garib Rath, Grand Trunk , Tamil Nadu Express. All these train reaches in the morning. You can then spend the whole day in Delhi nd take a train to Kalka OR you can take Pashim Express at 11 in the morning to Kalka. The connecting Toy train, Shivalik Express , is at 5:30 in the morning. So, if you reach by PAshim, you will have to take a night stay or take a vehicle and reach Shimla. But I would suggest you to take Toy train as it will give you a nice experience and you wont be having acclimitization problem of reaching great height in short time.....Route: Chennai-New Delhi-Kalka-Shimla.
uttam jain24-08-2009
please tell me distance between shimla and manali how may we go by their
iwant to know tha time table of kalka to shimla train,and want to the best train and online booking.
Can u advice me best time to visit shimla - kullu - manali
poonam sharma02-09-2009
can u plzz tell me that is there any cubicals or coach for only two people in any of the trains which r running b/w kalka and shimla........and wat are there fares also....????
Hi all,

I have booked my ticket for Shivalik exp on 22.10.09 and it was waitlisted 26/27.Any chance of its getting confirmed?
mukesh kumar 08-09-2009
plz tell me sir , regular train timming for 2nd class chandigarh to shimla
Praveen Badge20-09-2009
Somewhere in your article you have mentioned that there are different classes of comaprtments like Honeymoon compartment. How is it different from other compartments and whats the procedure to reserve seats in there.??can u plzz tell me that is there any cubicals or coach for only two people in any of the trains which r running b/w kalka and shimla........and wat are there fares also....????
Surajit Mitra04-10-2009
I am reaching Kalka from Shimla by the Shatabdi at 22:30 hrs & would take the Delhi Shatabdi next morning. Can anyone advise some good & affordable family hotel close to the station
In rajhdhani from kolkata the first class Ac(1A) means what?is it the cubicals for only two people like two people cabin
i m going to marry this month and want to go aome honeymoon trip with her.
will u guide me what places in shimla we have to watchand please name all
nice places near to shimla.
pls tell any nice honeymoon trip offer with price.
Other than CC, is there any possibility to get some facility like deluxe , honeymoon in this train no 241? If not could you please suggest some other train where I can get this facility?
I will be greatful if you could provide me the details for the time schedule for those trains and the ticket fairs.
i m going to marry this month and want to go aome honeymoon trip with her.
will u guide me what places in shimla we have to watchand please name all
nice places near to shimla.
pls tell any nice honeymoon trip offer with price.and train timings/routs.
We students from Andhra pradesh, around 35 planning to visit simla in jan.. The doubt i have in Shivlik express, are passengers allowed to stand near the doors?
Please someone clarify!!!
Samir Patodia20-12-2009
A very good site to know more about kalka to shimla route. A quick guide to get insight on kalka-shimla & other routes. Thankyou so much.

Neeraj Kumar05-01-2010
Delhi kalka mail and shivalik DLX exp are integtated train or not.
M DAS08-01-2010
we are coming to shimla form manali for only the Toy Train experience. we hv planned to start in manali on feb 8nd night in a taxi. Reach shimla by around 6 or 7 or may be 8AM on Feb9th. Take Himalayan Queen which starts at around 10:30AM. We reach kalka by 4:10 PM.
We booked a ticket for Shatabdhi which start at 5:45PM to Delhi. So my question is whether it is fine to go for Shatabdhi/? Are their any chances for Himalayan queen toy train be late? In that case we will miss Shatabdhi heading to Delhi.
Plz suggest.
hello every buddy ------ i was travelling on dt. 10.01.10 in toy train(himalayan queen) kalka to shimla . it was rally golden moment in my life. its a very good & maintain train i was aurprises when i see the train its a really toy train.i can forget in my life journey of toy future i\'ll be plan to journey again in toy train
Nirmal Unni02-03-2010
I just wanted to know if there is a option to book tickets in tatkal for trains from kalka to simla as i am planning to go to simla in the month end and there are no seats available.
Bev Nichols07-03-2010
My Grandfather worked on the Kalka Shimla narrow guage railway sometime in the period between 1908 and 1915. Is there any possibility of tracing his employement record please?
I am planing to travel in the month of May. When I checked in IRCTC, Shivlik express has only A/C Chair car. Do we have normal Chari Car so that we can enjoy the breeze also
venkateswara rao17-04-2010
I am planning to travel by Toy Train in the first week of June from Simla to Kalka, how can i book advance ticket.
Hi, I am Satthi from Malaysia. I decided to take train to Shimla from Kalka at 5.30am. First, I need to travel from New Delhi to Kalka. May I have the train shedule and what time is the best time to take train fom Delhi to Kalka because I don\'t want to miss another train at Kalka at 5.30am.
Amita Sharma10-05-2010
hello i am amita i am going to marry in few months i would like to know the route from surat to shimla.I would also like to know which is the best time to visit shimla and what is the average price of hotel in shimla.
you can book ticket in this train only 30 days in advance as i discovered just now as against the normal 90 days advance booking norm.
I\'m from Bangladesh, want to travel from Kalka to Simla by Toy Train in the middle (Date-16,17 or 18)of June, 2010. How can i book advance ticket ? I\'ll start my journey from Kalkata,which Train can be easy to reach at Kalka? I want to travel Kalkata-Kalka-Shimla-Kulo-Manali-Dilhi-Kalkata within 10 days, is it possible ? Please provide me a guideline.
Mohammad Maarif06-06-2010
How do I book tickets in the honeymoon compartment?....Please let me know asap...thanx
Sri Hemkunt Sahib Helicopter Yatra!!! Phone Numbers: 011-41589538, 41570538, E-Mail :
Hi all really its very plesent to journey kalka to shimla by rthis train atleast do once it in ur life
Could any body assit me in getting infor for train from Bangalore to Simla. I googled and found that Deldi is the via to Simla and let me know which is the best season to arrive in Simla, with less crowd
Hi, I wish to board the 5.30 am shivalik train.I am from chandigarh. Do we have any connecting train / bus route from chandigarh to kalka to be there for shivalik train by 5 am?

2> If we book the tckts in advance - do we get the seat numbers reserved?
sandip saha26-07-2010
Hi every buddy! what is the convenient way to go to manali from simla?
Make the booking'll get the confirmed seat.I booked the train from Shimla to Kalka from irctc.
O.B. Jauhry09-08-2010
It worth pleasant and enjoyment to visit Shimla by toy train from Kalka Railway Station run by Northern Railway. Its amazing. One can enjoy the tunnels numbering 103 and the biggest one before the Barog Railway Station. Nice and comfortable train journey.

Can you please guide me:
1)Somewhere in your article you have mentioned that there are different classes of comaprtments like deluxe , honeymoon , chair car , rail car compartments. How is it different from other compartments and whats the procedure to reserve seats in there.??can u plzz tell me that is there any cubicals or coach for only two people in any of the trains which r running b/w kalka and shimla........and wat are there fares also....???? in irctc website their is no option to book the ticket in these different categories.

Best Regards

Can you please guide me:
1)Somewhere in your article you have mentioned that there are different classes of comaprtments like deluxe , honeymoon , chair car , rail car compartments. How is it different from other compartments and whats the procedure to reserve seats in there.??can u plzz tell me that is there any cubicals or coach for only two people in any of the trains which r running b/w kalka and shimla........and wat are there fares also....???? in irctc website their is no option to book the ticket in these different categories.

Best Regards
Hi Nilesh,

can you please tell me how many days before the bookings open for Shivalik train. is it 3 months? Lets say If I need to book for Nov. 29th, when can I do the bookings? Are there different classes in the train like deluxe , honeymoon , chair car as mentioned in the article here.

Best Regards
Hi this is rajesh.. enjoyed in Spet'10 month
The best way to reach Simla by shivalik exp..Do catch it with Kalka mail(connecting train with'nt worry shivalik will not move till kalka mail reaches to kalka'nt also forget to search SIMLA instead of SHIMLA in railwsay site.......good bye happy journey mob. 9936434701
Anil Namdeo Kumbhare26-09-2010
I am a Central Govt. officer & willing to go to Shimla on 19 Dec 2010 from 19 Dec 2010. The station code does not available at irctc website. It is not possible for me to book tieckets at irctc website. It is requested confirm that, tickets from kalka to shimla of 19 Dec 2010 can be book online. If affirmative the procedure to book the tickets be intimated so that we can enjoy the holidays at shimla.
Anil N Kumbhare,
C-5/124, DGQA Residential Complex,
Rifle Range, Jagdusha Nagar,
Ghatkopar (West), Mumbai – 400 086
Arun Kumar25-11-2010
I am arun from gurgaon. we are going to shimla on 22. Dec.10. and will stay 3-4 days. Is there any hope to witness snowing during these days. I have already himalayan queen tickets booked both ways. how is experience of this train.
The deluxe train was very very comfartable I have gone my business tour on !st dec from delhi. Only the problem I have to face the howarh Mail was 4 Hours late due to this the SHIVALIK DELUXE also could not proceed , all passengers of this train were in this very train. On 2nd dec the Kalka Howerah was late 4 Huurs, Any way the train was very good the attebdent behaviour was very polite, he has serve us water Bottle, 2 Times Tea and breakfast Too. Like we get in SHATABDI
good cussion type seats. very very comfertable.
pascal john13-12-2010
I want to know is Shivalik Delux train to Shimla wait for Howarh Kalka Mail or any other detail about it.thanks
Hi, i am planning to catch toy train in start january but i am reaching kalka around 16.30. please suggest do they have any train running in evening after 4.30pm from kalka to shimla, if no then where do i get affordable hotel in kalka
Hi All,
Hope some one can help me here. I logged in to and searched trains between kalka and shimla, i did not find any trains, I searched with various combinations like Shimla, simla etc.. still i did not get any station name as Shimla. Where Can i book the tickets?
manoj kumar21-12-2010

This is Manoj from delhi, i am doing plan for shimla in 25th dec , so just i want to take idea about toy train or other train kalka to shimla,,like exact Dep. timmimg, fare and which train has good facility and best point..

Pls. suggest me...
i m waiting.

Manoj Kumar
I would like to book tickets for Shivalik Queen in Feburary 2011 for my honeymoon to Shimla. I tried contacting the number on the site 91-171-2645500 but no luck. Could you please let me know how to book the tickets? Also, what are the timing of Shivalik Queen?
Could any body assit me in getting inform for train from newdelhi to Simla & simla to Mata Vaishno Devitemple.
Pradyumna Khan22-01-2011
Hi, I'm planning to visit Shimla for a honeymoon trip in the mid of the may probably. Can I book the tickets of Shivalik Expess right now? You have mentioned about a honeymoon class. What's that? I can see that there is only chair car in that carriage. Can you please give me some informations on touring in Shimla like how can I plan my trip and the likes?
gaurav shukla25-01-2011
I would like to book tickets for Shivalik Queen in 1st march 2011 for my honeymoon in Shimla. I tried contacting the number on the site 91-171-2645500 but no luck. Could you please let me know how to book the tickets? Also, what are the timing of Shivalik Queen?
kalka se simla jane vali sabhi train toy train hai kya ? ya toy train ka name kya hai vo bataye
ravi shanker vijay03-02-2011
is hawra kalka mail connecting train of shivalik exp.if hawra kalka mail reach at shimla after 5.30am than what will be reservation in shivalik exp
You can book Shivalik queen at Kalka railway station(station Master office). And it has to be booked 1-2 days in prior. Contact DRM office in Ambala and take contact number of Station Master, Kalka.
Wow, this information was just superb to have a complete summery of answers to doubts between the 2 locations.... Well appreciated... Dont kno the name of who has written however.
I have already booked howrah mail it reaches kalka at 4.40 am on 8th march and on the same day I have booked rail motor it starts at 5.10 am the toy train will wait for howrah mail and depature in its schedule timing already we miss toy in ooty
Hi will be travelling from Shimla to Kalka on 9th april to get the connecting Kalka Mail for Delhi. Kindly suggest me that whether 1st class compartments are there in this train, or which train has those....Regards
is 1AC not available in shivalik exp.?
Hi. My plan is to come shimla on 29th May 2011 arrive at Delhi by 12.40 Afternoon & I wish to travel by toy train from Delhi to shimla. Will you pls. give me the details from where I will get the toy train (station name) timing of train, fare details & time to reach shimla. According to that I will booked my further plan. In addition also suggest me budgeted hotel in shimla.

Is there any way i can book connecting from New Delhi - Shimla - New Delhi on 14.05.2011 -17.05.2011 without waiting much in between as I will be travelling with family and kids? Please guide me.
Ramakant prasad 31-03-2011
thanx for the gudiance about toy trains as they are the one through which we can see the sight exactly and thats is the real fun of indian railway iven to us. ramakant
Tapan Kumar Chakraborty10-04-2011
I have booked my ticket for Shivalik exp on 18.04.2011 and it was waitlisted 26/27.Any chance of its getting confirmed?
Dr.S.L.Tulasi Devi18-04-2011
I have booked my tickets for Shivalik express on19.05.2011 and it was waitlisted 20,21,22,23. Any chance of getting confirmed? If I will not get the confirmation, they allowed us into the train or not?
want to see photographs of kalka-shimla rail motor toy train
J K KHATRI16-05-2011
kalka barmer exp is connecting with shivalik exp ? if kalka got late then how we can reach shimla.
sk garg19-05-2011
whether Shivalik express wait for Kalka experess if late on the same day.
amit joshi29-06-2011
this is the best way to reach shimla, one can book tickets 3o days before the journey date, delhi kalka shatabdi is connecting train to himalay queen express.which wil drop u shimla abt 7 pm,and its better to reach shimla at night,to get surprise view from hotel window in the morning
Hi all really its very plesent to journey kalka to shimla by rthis train atleast do once it in ur life
Sandeep Sharma
Can anyone tell me Shivalik Exp will wait for Howra-Delh-Kalka mail if it's late?
Divya Gupta03-07-2011
Hi. I am planning for the travel in this train for honeymoon. Is there any special compartment for the same?
Aditya Beri05-07-2011
I will be reaching Kalka at 11:40 am from New Delhi-Kalka Shatabdi. I want some information that which TOY TRAIN shoudl I take to Shimla which starts after 11:45 am on 13th August'2011 (SATURDAY)
Abhishek srivastava06-07-2011
Hi Divya, No, Shivalik delux express is just like Shatabdi. But the chairs are especially designed for privacy a bit ,but do try this train ,its awesome
Abhishek srivastava06-07-2011
Hi Shivani,

go in google & type the same ,u wl get n nos of b'ful snaps of rail motor
@Divya Gupta - usually it waits..till the arrival of Howra-Delh-Kalka
i want to go shimla at 1st of oct from kolkata...pls help to reach there by train
If i book fc first class for two i will get personal cabin or 2-3 people will be beseated with husband wife.
s k chakrabrty27-07-2011
I have booked four tickets in Kalka Simla psss train 52457 for date 03/10/2011 .The status is W/L 5 to W/L 8. Please inform us whether we will be entitled to board the Train to avail the journey
Rapture & rahul03-08-2011
nothing new is happening as its d 21st century and now u need a change but still v thanx the himachal tourism as well as indian railways for providing such a beautiful travelling in a heritage property.
I will be arriving to Delhi by flight on 4th sept by 3.oo p.m. want to go to shimala by toy train pl. advise me for root & booking
I have planned to visit Shimla during Dashera festival. Shivalik express is one of the best train from Kalka to Shimla. Booking is not accepting by IRCTC as yet. What can be done to book a ticket since time is very short?
hi, i wanna travel from kalka to shimla and return by shivalik express on 19th september please guide me hw to book tickets for 3 person, kindly do fast since is not accepting the station name in plan my travel column.
i want go to Manali Himachal Pradesh which train is the best train and what are the trains avail-ablate . aim going with my wife and little Daughter so please guide me how to get there . from Bangalore to manila .thank u..........
I want to go to simla in the month of March. Will I get Shivalik express that time.
Anand 27-09-2011
Hi, We are planning to visit shimla from mum. Accrodingly we booked the Ticket well in advance. now i want to know which hotel will be the best one to stay. journey timing will be 26/12/2011 to 29/12/2011 and my budget around 1500 to 2000 per day. we are myself,wife and our 9 year son.
Apparently, in order to book a ticket from Kalka to Shimla through I need to provide an Indian mobile number which I do not have as I do not live in India. Does anybody know how to handle it?
I (an foreinger) am also facing the problem as Larissa mentioned. Tell how to fix it, pls.
This is my one of the favorite train.Now i am planing to travel in this train
Same problem with larissa and Deepee.I'm abroad now and not able to book a ticket via IRCTC or CLEARTRIP. Will it be full before I get to India?
Im living abroad and im unable to book tickets vis IRCTC. Please help me because l wish to visit simla on 11th drc till 13th dec. Thank u
Hi. I am planning to visit shimla. On my return i have booked the shivalik express from Shimla that reaches Kalka at 10.25 pm. Thereafter i have a connecting train at 11.55 pm i.e Howrah-Kalka mail. So is there any possibility that the Shivalik express reaches late and i miss my howrah-kalka mail at 11.55 pm. ? Please suggest. I would be going by Jan end hence there would be snow. Does that affect on shivalik express and its timimg.
Hey! I am searching for the train kalka to shimla but i want luxury train ?
kuldeep rathi24-01-2012
Can i get ticket of any train from kalka to shimla at same time means few hour before please suggest me becose i am going there on 1 jan 2012
Please please please, does anyone know how to book from the UK? Thanks
want to know the route from kalka to simla
Soham Goswami17-04-2012
I see many people are worried about missing the Kalka Mail/Shivalik Express because of one or the other arriving late. Don't worry; it so happens that the two trains are supposed to be counterparts, i.e. one will not depart until the other arrives.
sagar hiware29-04-2012
hi.. i m at mumbai & iwant to visit to shimla& manali,kulu pls guide me to reach there by train frm mumbai in detail information of train time,journey period,fare,staying hotels &return journey also..
baldev negi11-05-2012
want to book toy train ticket from Kalka to Shimla between 12.00 Noon to 02.00 PM......... Please help me ........
Pawan Kalita18-05-2012
I wish to travel from Kalka to shimla by Shivalik Dlx express on 17th July'2012. How can I Book tickets online?
bhuneshwar pandey23-05-2012
it was a gud experience throught the journey thnx go 2 india
Pls let me know is there any train having cubical or close compartment for 2 persons (honeymonn couple) betwee kalka and shimla. Pls also suggest which train and class is best for honeymoon couple.
i wish to travel from kalka to shimla by shivalik dlx 22 june 2012 how can i book tickets
I want to travel from Shimla to Kalka in late August/early September but am not sure of the exact date. Do tickets have to be booked in advance for this time and if so how quickly do they sell out?
gaurav agrawal16-06-2012
want to book toy train ticket from Kalka to Shimla between 8.00 AM to 11.00 AM......... Please help me
kapil sharma13-08-2012
i need 30-35 toy train ticket on 07/09/2012.
sanjiv 20-09-2012
i want to know i want to plan to visit shimla on christmas day but the waiting of shivalik dlx train on this date is 78/80 if i booked the ticket on this date it may be cleared tell me
Is it true that u will have to buy tickets for shivalik deluxe express only from delhi.i mean u cannot but from any other part of india????????? Plz reply as soon as possible!!!!!
kanwar jagmesh singh 05-10-2012
sir you give 102 tunels in himachal kalka road,but as i know its 106 tunels
I want to know if Shivalik DLX EXP is an AC or NON AC Train ? Please help me....
advace booking for kalka simla route in how many days before we can do that. plz suggest and advice. thanks
My tckt is on 14-05-2013 by Kalka- Simla Express (6:00 AM) in FC and WL-19 & 20. Will it be confirmed?
IPSITA PARUI01-06-2013
i want to visit shimla in september, want to go by the toy train.plz tell me how i book tickets for dis train from kolkata
i want to visit shimla in november 2013, want to go by the shivalik exp. plz tell me how i book tickets for this train from kolkata
HI, I have booked my ticket in Kalka Simla express on 14th Oct,13( on the day of Dussehera),which starts at 6 Am and the waiting list is 18,19 and 20 in the 2S compartment and 19,20 ,21 in first class is it will be confirmed ?
I want to know how many compartment/seats in 52453 klk sml exp
piyali kar11-02-2014
I want to go to Shimla from kalka by shivalik express,kindly let me know th timings n the fares for chair cars in the train
I will be traveling from kalka to shimla I just wanted to know that should I go by Ac or 1st class.
Last traveled from Thirivantapuram (Kerala) to Delhi by Rajdhani. It is a fantastic train journey passing through hills and rivers. If one has not done this, please do so, you will love it and forget train journey in any European country. And, if you have already done this, pl let me know
How are seat nos. 16, 17 & 18 are placed in C1 coach of Shivalik Deluxe Toy Train
Dave Deo20-03-2014
I see the Shivalik delayed everyday by 3-4 hours everyday, probably because of Kalka Mail thats late too. Is this the normal scenario ? Do other passengers have to wait for 3-4 hours, or is there any other arrangements made by Indian Railways ?
how many tatkal quota in himalya queen train 52455
sourabh choudhary13-10-2014
i want to visit shimla in nov end, want to go by a toy train. plz tell me advance booking for kalka shimla route in how many days before i can do that. thanks
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