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Staying at Tirumala

CRO office TTD(Tirumula Tirupati Devasthanams) runs many free accommodation places, guest houses at nominal charges at Tirumala. There are many private guest houses available around Tirumala hills. One can approach CRO office ( central reception office ) for accommodation and extension of accommodation. There is an online booking facility available for accommodation available at Tirumala official web site.

There are private cottages, hotels also available at reasonable charges.

TTD (Tirumula Tirupati Devasthanams) has established Kalyana Mandapams cum Information Centers at different places inside Andhra Pradesh and at all metropolitan cities within India. Accommodation booking can be done from these centers. The address are available at TTD information centers here.

Guest House Rambagicha at Tirumala

How is the booking for rooms
I visited tirumala in first week of december 2008 and as i had booked the 100 rs room i was allotted room at varahswamy guest house on the third floor. To my utter surprise the room bed was full of bed bugs. Kindly bring this complaint before the authorities so that such things never happen again.
DHARMA DHARSANAM-Means it is a free darshan of LORD venkateswara.TTD authorities should not call as dharma darshan or free darshan. It is a fundemental right of every devotee to have darshan of lord venkateswara.Tan why it is called as dharma darshan.I request the ttd authorities to change this type of description as general darshanam.But not dharma(Free) darshan.DEVOTEES are coming from long distances spending their money and puttingdonations in hundies.Than how they are treated at dharma darshans. No it is not dharma darshan it is privilage darshan of lord venkateswara.TTD authorities should rename the DHARMA DARSHAN as PRIVILAGE DARSHAN.Kindly look into this matter
we have came to tirupathi in august 30 and 31 .we book the cottage surapurathottam hence we have already sent the letter of donator's receipts for two days before one month itself.but the management was not seeing properly and they said we cannot get the letter and only provide the room for one day only for another day we are very difficult to change the room from surapura thottam to srinivasm complex.we did not like that place .how does the management could give that cottage instead of the surapura cottage .no good management.on monday sudharsan timing for evening 4'o clock was opened at 7.45 pm only when the raining starts no proper timings also
I visited tirumala in first week of december 2008 and as i had booked the 100 rs room i was allotted room at varahswamy guest house on the third floor. To my utter surprise the room bed was full of bed bugs. Kindly bring this complaint before the authorities so that such things never happen again.
how to book rooms at thirumala
searching for tirumala accomodation
i got only indian bank global debit card and bank of india international debit card. these cards are applicable for online booking for room and e-dharsan
P.L.Narasinga Rao17-10-2011
Oflate it is heard that time taken for Rs300/-darshan is taking much longer time than other slots.Why it is so.
i could not book accomodation and darshan because i do not have citi bank account
I want to know the room rates in tirumala.
If you are provide more facility to book various sevas, accommodation, etc., from online banking of SBI also, it is more convenient and useful.
Lohith J27-11-2011
How to Book Rooms in TIRUMALA...
chandra shekar30-11-2011
how to book rooms in tirumala
Kumar Raja15-12-2011
u can avail other banks too the mentioned citibank is only the gateway but not the bank. Go ahead hav a happy booking :)
naveen k02-01-2012
how to book tirupaty rooms
I booked a room at, I believe the basis of allotment is availability at that time.
I want to come to temple on 11 April 2012
I want 2 rooms
How can i book rooms in advance?
give me phone number pls....
howto book the thirumala rooms,
how to book for rooms in tirumala ,provide me the details of how to book and phone number of the guest houses in tirumala
How to rezister accombidation in tirumala titrupathi cottage (In online at simpul method) or any help line phone no in cottages managers.
I am sudarsanan a devotee of Lord Balaji coming from Tamilnadu coimbatore. Recently i am unable to use tirumala website to book for seva and accomodation while login using I am finding quiet unusual regarding this issue.Kindly resolve it as early as possible.
howto book the thirumala rooms on hills,
how can i get accommodation in tirumal hills.
ranjan kumar25-08-2014
i want to com bala ji ,how can i get accomodation & darsan ticket on line

how can i get accommodation in tirumala hills is very nice

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