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Lachen & GuruDongmar Lake

Gangtok town Lachen is a beautiful small town with houses on both side of the road. This village is full with tourist lodges and basic facility like electricity, BSNL mobile signal is available. This village at a height of 9500 ft ( 2624 meters ) is the entry point for Guru Dongmar lake. This village has DZUMSA ( local self governance ) and inside the village there are boards asking not to through garbage to drains, by orders Pipon ( The head of DZUMSA ). Villages offer puja early morning and this is a traditional village of north Sikkim.

Tourist arrive here directly from Gangtok or from Lachung. Tourist arrive in evening here and stay in night. Early morning at 5 AM they start there journey for Guru Dongmar Lake and return here for lunch. After lunch they start returning to Gangtok or Lachunga.

Thangu village

This village is two hours drive from Lachen at a height of 13500 ft. Tourist acclimatize themselves and take their breakfast here on the way to Guru Dongmar Lake.

GuruDongmar Lake

At a height of 17800 ft this is the highest lake of Sikkim. Tourist arrive here from Lachen and return to Lachen before lunch. It takes 3 to 4 hours from Lachen to reach the Lake. This is considered as scared lake by both Buddhist and Hindus. This lake maintains it milky color through out the year. Guru Padmasambhava had blessed this lake while returning from Tibat. A portion of the lake does not freeze in extreme winter. There are various packages offered by tour operators to visit this place. Guru Dongmar Lake is one of the important place of North Sikkim Packages. However road to the Lake from Lachen often gets damaged due to rain and poor weather condition.

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