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RanakPur Chaturmukha Jain temple

Ranakpur Jain Temple
This Jain temple is famous for its exquisite work of art and architecture. This temple is opened for tourist after 12 noon. However before that devotes can enter but cameras are not allowed. During morning hours Pujas are performed inside the temple. However there is facility to deposit all type of cameras at the counter before entering to the temple. Within the temple complex there are parking facilities available to park your vehicles.

This temple and its management is under the control of Sheth Anandji Kalyanji Trust ( Pedhi)
There are Dharmsalas or budget ( or free) accommodations available by the trust for devotees within the complex. In addition to that RTDC hotel is near the temple complex. There are some private resorts are also available near the temple complex. However tourist returns to Udaipur or Kumbhalgarh after visiting this Jain temple.

Guidelines to be followed for tourists and visitors

  • Timing for visitors / tourist is 12.00 noon to 5 PM
  • Visitors should maintain serenity and sanctity of the temple and complex
  • Following articles prohibited inside the temple complex
  • All eatables, drinking water, liquor and other drinks
  • Cigarettes and other intoxicants
  • All leather articles like belt, purse, carry bags etc.
  • Umbrella, radio, transistor, mobile phone, cameras etc
  • ( they may be deposited at information center before entering temple. )
  • All types of weapons and other prohibited articles.
  • Visitors and devotees shall enter the temple barefooted or with socks. ( No footware of any other kind )
  • Ladies during menstruation period should not enter the temple
  • Visitors should not touch any idol or carving inside the temple
  • Visitors should be dressed with clothing which properly covers the body. People with revealing cloths will be stopped from entering the temple. Proper covering garments available in the office.
  • Donation may be given at the office and take receipt.
  • Keep luggage, shoes and other articles at its place

History of Ranakpur Jain temple

Inside Ranakpur Jain Temple
Maharan Kumbha allotted land and encouraged his minister Dharanashah to built this famous Jain temple. Dharanashah under the spiritual influence of Acharaya Somasundarsuriji has selected the plan of Depak ( or Depaka ) of Mundara to construct the temple. The town was named as Ranpur after the name of Rana Kumbha and then popularly became Ranakpur. The construction of the temple begain in year 1446 and in 1496 the idol was installed.

This temple has four Mahadhar Prasads ( Principal Shrines ) in four directions with artistic entrances. 72 inches tall four white marble image of Bhagvan Adinath is installed here. The upper floors also have identical images in four directions. The orientation of the temple in four direction and installation of four idols have given it popular name to this temple as Chaturmukh Jain temple. This temple has many artistic pillars each one with different design and with beautiful carving in it. These pillars are arranged in such a way that they never obstruct the view and from any corner devotees can have darshan. There is a popular belief that there are about 1444 pillars in the temple.
Inside Ranakpur Jain Temple
Even today there is no electricity available inside the temple , natural light falls throughout the temple and its design allows light to pass through all corners of the temple. There is provisions to light of candles infront of the idols during cloudy days when sufficient natural light is not available.

Videography is permitted at a fee of Rs 150
Normal Photography is Rs 50
All donations are accepted under Sheth Anandji Kalyanji Trust
Cameras are allowed only between 12 noon and 5 PM. Morning various pujas are performed.
Photography of the idols is strictly prohibited.
From Udaipur Ranakpur is 90 KM and from Kumbhalgarh it is 48 KM distance. The road from Udaipur passes through Saira Junction where left road will take you to Ranakpur and straight road will take you to Kumbhalgarh. After visiting Ranakpur visitors can travel towards Kumbhalgarh.
Nearest Airport is Udaipur,
Nearest railway station is Udaipur.

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