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Kumbhalgarh Fort

Kumbhalgarh Fort
This fort was built by Maharana Kumbha in year 1458 on a rocky peak of 3568 feet MSL. Located within Aravali hills range of hills this fort has a huge boundary wall of 35 KM long, second to Great Wall of China. After entering you will find the main palace is at your left side and at your right there are several Jain and Hindu temples. Out of 360 such complexes 300 are Jain temples and 60 are mostly other temples constructed by Rana Kumbha. Out of all these temple Nilakantha Mahadeva temple is famous one and you can visit and have darshan of Lord Shiva. Near this temple arrangement is made for evening light and sound show. Within difficult train and several gates and big boundary wall made this fort virtually impregnable to enemy. Other important monuments within the fort is Badal Mahal built by Rana Fateh Singh ( 1884 -1930) , this is the highest point of the fort. Inside Badal Mahal there separate palace for Kings and Queens . Visitors are not allowed to enter in to Kings area to protect the old paintings and furnitures. There are queens rest room, guest room, toilets and several other paintings can be seen by tourist. At the top of Badal Palace view of total fort and surrounding areas are outstanding.
Kumbhalgarh Fort Badal Palace
Rana Pratap birth place is before Badal Palace at your right. There is nab Durga temple the family goddess of Manarana. Near the temple there is a warehouse where weapons of King was stored. No one is allowed to visit top of the temple complex hence it is closed for the visitors.

History and legends about Kumbhalgarh fort

This fort was constructed between years 1443 58. The old name was Machendra Gada. Maharana Kumbha after fighting with Khiliji decided to construct a fort mainly to use as shelter and for defence once Chittorgarh is attacked. The chief architect Mandan was called by Rana Kumbha and was asked to build an impregnable fort. While under construction there were many obstacles and there was no progress. One saint Meher Baba offered himself as human sacrifice to help in construction of the fort. He told to start the main entrance of the fort where he take first rest while climbing the hill. At his second rest point his head to be chopped by a sword and a temple to be constructed at the point where his head falls. His body will continue to climb deciding the boundary and other locations of the fort. These locations and temples constructed in respect of Meher Baba still exist within the palace complex. After completion of fort Maharana Kumbha constructed Vedi temple to perform rituals. This temple will be your first big complex at your right once you enter to the fort complex. Ganesh temple will be at your left.
Kumbhalgarh Fort Wall
Panna Dhai who saved life of young Udai Singh from Banbir at Chittorgarh fort by sacrificing her own Son Chandan and brought Udai Singh to Kumbhalgarh. Latter Udai Singh established Udaipur and was the proud father of Rana Pratap the great Rajput Hero.

Rana Pratap

Born in the year 1540 fought against Emperor Akbar and Man singh throughout his life. Maharana Pratap fought the famous battle of haldighati.

Guide charges varies from Rs 100/- to Rs 250/- and you can bargain.
Entry fee is Rs 5/- per person, Rs 25/- for video photography

Light & Sound show

Price for light and sound show is Rs 75/- per person and Rs 40 for child from Monday to Friday.

On Saturday and Sunday it is Rs 100 /- per person and Rs 50/- for child.

It is Rs 200/- for foreigners

Contact Number for light and sound show is 02953-230917

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