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Camel research centre at Bikaner

Camel Research centre at Bikaner
Located at a distance of 7 to 10 KM from Bikaner city ( depending on your location ) have large number and types of camels. A government owned research and camel breeding centre helps locals in earning more from their camel and giving them a helping hand in maintaining this highly useful animal in desert area.
Book one local cab from Bikaner for 2 hours in afternoon to visit this place. Three wheel Auto will charge you Rs 150/- to Rs 200/- in both ways as they will be waiting for you during your visit of approximately one hour inside the research centre. It is advisable to book vehicle in both ways as this is located outside the city and may not get vehicle to return. Inside employees are quite friendly to explain you about the institution. However you can engage a guide and prescribed fee is to be paid.

Entry fee is Rs 10 per person and still camera charges are Rs 20/- , surprisingly no video camera is allowed inside. There is an approved guide rate of Rs 30 for a group of 1 to 4 Indian tourist and it is Rs 100 for foreign tourists. This rates goes to Rs 80 ( foreign tourists Rs 200 ) if group is more than 16.
Camel Research
It opens from 3 PM onwards for the visitors till 6 PM. Between 3 PM and 30 PM herd of camels return from desert. It looks nice watching groups of 60 to 70 camels returning to this centre. Morning around 9 AM they were taken to desert and they return in after noon.
Souvenir shops selling various camel products like camel skin bags, caps and purses. Art work made of camel bone, shawl of camel hair ( mixed with silk ) ,small key chains made of camel teeth were kept in display for tourist to buy. There is a shop selling camel milk, ice cream made of camel milk and various other camel milk products. At the entrance there is a museum displaying history of the institution and various decorative items of camel uses. The institute also has engaged in various projects like developing electricity through camel draught ability .

Types of camels

There are different type of camel and here are some of them.
Bikaneri camels are famous for its milk production and draught potential
Jaisalmeri camels are popular for their racing potential. They are mostly light brown in color
More on Camels
Mewari camels are famous for its milk production. Body color varies from light brown to white.
Kachchhi breed camels are popular for milk production.

You can write to National Research Centre on Camel,
Post Bag No 07, Bikaner 334001

Nubra valley is located at Ladakh region of Jammu & Kashmir state. Here you can see double hunch Bactrian camels in this cold desert.

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