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Nearly 5 to 6 hours journey from New Delhi , Gwalior is a historical town of Mahya Pradesh. This town is famous for the royal Scindia family who are very active in Indian politics and present king is a prominent ministers in central government.

How to reach Gwalior

There are several trains connects Gwalior to Delhi and other parts of India. Several long distance trains pass through Gwalior. You can travel by road also via Mathura and Agra. Gwailor railway Junction is located within heart of the city. You can take a late night train from New Delhi to reach morning or try to board Satabadi early morning 6 AM from new Delhi station. You will reach Gwalior by 9.30 AM and go for a full day trip to various tourist destinations. Night trains are there which will reach Delhi early morning.
Gwalior Tourist Attractions

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