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Kodaikanal Sightseeing

Kodaikanal Lake view
If you want to reach Kodaikanal and return back (without stay) in the same day, include Kodaikanal trip along with other places like Madurai, Palani or Ooty. Consider reaching Kodaikanal atleast by 9.00am. Main problem at Kodaikanal at all local site seeing is parking due to narrow roads. If you start early, you can complete local trip without any hassle.

There are totally 17 (seventeen) site seeing places in Kodaikanal. These are, Bryant Park - Coaker's walk - Chettiar Park - St.Mary's Church - Pambar falls - Green Valley view - Golf course - Pillar rocks - Guna cave - Pine tree forest - Palani view - Moier point - Kodai city view - Upper lake view - 500 Years old tree - Kurinji temple - Kodai lake.

You may have to skip either Bryant park or Lake if you plan for one day trip as these require more time to move around. For lake, sometimes there will be huge rush and takes 2-3 hours. Keeping this in mind, people can reach Kodaikanal previous day by afternoon. Visit the lake in the same day and consider visiting other places the next day.
Kodaikanal valley view

Start the local trip with Kurinji Andavar temple. There are other places surrounding the temple like Kodaikanal city and lake view, to the left side Palani valley and village view. Next, proceed to Chettiar Park. Park the vehicle reverse so that you will not face problem while returning. Compared to Bryant park, this is smaller, so, keep this place as optional. Prefer visiting the places at the outskirt of the city. This is a round about travel. At the initial part of the journey you will witness the calm and soundless areas where only birds whistles are heard, almost like a silent valley. Some of the trees beside the road used for preparing medicines. This road is one way. This makes comfortable visit as there will be less rush at early hours. This circuit is totally plastic free zone, avoid throwing plastic items on the street.

Mountain Beauty

First site seeing place at the outskirt - Mountain beauty. There are trekking places here but avoid during one day trip. Parking in front of the main place only. You can spend only for half an hour. The view will be gorgeous if you get a clear sky. Entry fee is INR 5 per head, no camera fee.

Pine tree forest

Kodaikanal pine tree forest
Second - Pine tree forest. There is no entry fee, just walk in. A kind of picnic spot, cinema shooting area. Trees are used for making stamp papers. Eatables are available. Take rest for some time here. Beware of monkeys in all these places. Parking at one side of the road. This place is 13 Kms from Kodaikanal city.

Pillar Rock View

Fourth - Pillar rock view - made of more than 500ft stones. Inside there are caves but no entry. These are naturally formed rocks. You can also see Agamalai and Periyakulam from this point.
Entry fee INR 5 per head, no other fee.

Guna Caves

Kodaikanal Guna Caves
Third - Guna caves. One more picnic point, INR 5 for entry per head and INR 10 per any kind of camera. Valley view from a view cabin at an elivated place is available. Kamala hasan's film Guna was shot here. You can see Zig-Zag forest tree roots which provide very good back drop for a phot shoot.
No entry to see caves as it is dangerous with deep valley.

Golf Course

Fifth - Golf course nearer to city area, a cinema shooting place. Built over an Area of 200Acres, allowed only for members (membership fee is INR 3 Lakhs) . You need not get down at Golf course, just enjoy while driving and proceed towards upper lake view area. Soon after Golf area, you will approach Kodaikanal city. Take a break and have lunch in a restaurant on the way before stopping at Upper Lake View which is on the road side.
Tourists at Kodaikanal site

Don't feed animals in the forest. Usage of Plastic, cigarettes, liquor and any kind of narcotics inside the forest is prohibited. This forest is being mantained by Pamparpuram joint forest management committee. Highest point in this trip is 7500ft from above sea level. Entry timings for all these areas is 9.00am to 5.30pm. Trekking places are open from 7.00am onwards.

Wax Museum

Wax Museum: Consider this if time permits as there are better museums which can be seen in other places.

Bryant Park

Bryant Park - Entry fee INR 30 for Adult, INR 15 for children, INR 50 for Camera and I-Pad, INR 100 for Video camera and INR 25000 for Cinema shooting.

Opening time is 9.00am and closing at 6.00pm.

Coaker's walk

Kodaikanal Coaker
Located just in front of Bryant park. Entry fee INR 5 per head. Half a kilometer walk to see the entire valley view surrounding Kodaikanal. Telescopes are installed to view farther places (INR 10 per person). Keep sufficient time to visit this place.

Tour package Charges:
One day package per head INR 800 including travel, food and guide. Parking and entry fee separate. If you have got your own vehicle, one day guide charge is INR 600.

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