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Mehrangarh Fort Jodhpur

Meharangarh Fort Jodhpur
What ever way you might have arrived at Jodhpur, from any location you can see this magnificent fort within the Jodhpur city. This biggest fort of Rajasthan is located at the top of a hill of 150m hieght and from railway station this is the first structure which attracts tourists.

From railway station this is located at a short distance and 15 minutes journey by an Auto. An auto charge varies from Rs 40 to Rs 60 based on your bargaining power. There is no meter for Autos at Jodhpur. At Jodhpur in an Auto three adults are only allowed. Before the fort there is a way toward right to visit Jaswant Tada a beautiful marble cenotaph. A narrow road lead you to the fort approach gate.

Inside Meharangarh FortThe main entrance to the fort is known as Jaipol ( Victory gate ). This gate was constructed by Maharaja Man Singh to commemorate the victory over Maharaja Jagat Singh of Jaipur. Jaipur king attacked Jodhpur in 1808 AD and Jodhpur city was captured by the Jaipur army. A tough fight took place to capture the Jodhpur fort and cannon were fired. The cannon marks are still visible on the walls of the fort. At the end Jaipur army ultimately fled.

Ticket fee is Rs 20 per person and camera fee is Rs 50. Video camera fee is Rs 200. Foreigners entry fee is Rs 250 including the audio guide. Guide fee is Rs 100 to 200 based on the group number. Guide fees are to be purchased from the counter. There is a lift arrangement for the visitors at the entrance but generally tourist prefer to walk on the slopes and steps to visit the fort.

Dancers inside Meharangarh Fort JodhpurThis fort was constructed in the year 1459 by Rao Jodha. Fort is named after a Rajasthan tribe known as Mehrans. Jai Pol is the main entrance of the fort. From the fort Jodhpur city is visible with its unique blue color. Originaly the blue color was used by the Rajpurohit and Brahmins so the king can easily identify their houses from the fort. From the fort at a distance Umaid Bhawan Palace the present residence of erstwhile king is visible.

Once inside the fort the tourist are greeted by a music palyed by flok musicians at Rao Jodha Ka Phalsa. Inside at Loha pol there are hand prints of queens who committed Sati in 1843.

Another important place to visit is the museum inside the fort. This museum has some exclusive collection of artifacts, swords, palanquins, the royal costumes and many more of royal families, displaying the culture and style of erstwhile kings and their families. There is Chamunda Mata Temple near the out gate of the museum. Before the gate there are some folk dancers performing dance inside the forts.

Ziplining at Jodhpur Fort

Zipling at Mehrangarh Fort To get best view of the fort and blue city of Jodhpur, you can go for a zip lining at the fort.
It takes one to one and half hour to complete, you can club up your fort visit with this adventure sports activity.

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Jodhpur to Jaipur distance is 345 KM
Jodhpur to Jaisalmer is 285 KM
Jodhpur to Biakner is 255 KM

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