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Kuruva Island

Kuruva Island in Wayanad
This island is located at a distance of 28 KM from Panamaram ( 37 KM from Wayanad ) and it takes 30 Minutes. Kuruvadweep consist of two islands. There is water stream covers the islands on all the sides. The area is completely covered by tall trees and for tourist this is mainly a Jungle walk below the shades of trees and side of bamboo bushes. The full track inside Jungle track is prepared with rest rooms, huts and benches for the tourists. This is a flat walk without any climbing inside green forest. Walkway bridges are prepared using Bamboo for the tourist to cross small streams of water flowing during rainy seasons.

There is an entry fee of Rs 50/- per person
Still camera is Rs 30/-
Video Camera Rs 100/-
Outdoor Rs 250/- Foreigners entry fee is Rs 100/-
Wildlife in Kuruva Island

After buying the entry tickets you can step down to river bed where you can sit on a raft made with Bamboo . There are ropes tightened at both banks to trees. The ropes are pulled to give movement to the ferry. It takes hardly 10 minutes to cross the river.

Warning boards are there for the visitors to follow guidelines and not to venture into the water.

Visitors are warned not to carry any food in any plastic bags as it attracts Monkeys

This area is full with Jungle
Rooms and dormitory are available near Kuruva, these maintained by DMC Palvelicham. Mob No : 9745241307, 9946610420
Kuruva Island Bridge

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