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Edakkal Cave

Inside Edakkal Cave
The word Edakkal meaning is stone in between. One big stone is supported at the top of two more big stones and the cave is formed. The length of the cave is 96 feet and width is 22 feet. Engraved paintings can be found on both side walls of the cave. This cave is located at the top of a hill

At a first glance the engravings looks like straight and curved lines only ( rock art ) but after the detail description of the guide , you can easily make out different figures and formations. You can see the picture of a tribal chief , leady , child , trees , wheels , carts. In addition to these engravings few more inscriptions were also added to this which belongs to later period. There is an inscription where Sanskrit language and Northern Brahmi characters are used.

The erstwhile police superintendent of police Mr F. Fawcett had discovered this cave in the year 1901.

How to reach Edakkal Cave

Steps to climb up at  Edakkal Cave This cave is located at a distance of 12 KM from Sulthan Bathery and 28 KM from Kalpetta town ( two main towns of Wayanad district ) .

By road you can reach from Mysore , Bangalore ( Karnataka State side ) . It is 3 hours journey from Mysore.

From Cochin it will take 5 hours and 2 hours from Calicut.

Nearest railway station is Calicut ( 90 KMs) & Mysore ( 115 KM )

Nearest airport is Calicut , Mysore and Bangalore

After reaching parking area , tourist has to walk ( climb in slope ) nearly 1 KM to reach the ticket counter.

From ticket counter it is stiff climbing through rocks for nearly 15 minutes. Many places for easy climbing steps with hand railings are provided. After climbing all the steps at the entrance of the cave you can get spectacular view of surrounding greenery of Edakkal.

Use of Mobile phone inside the cave is prohibited.

Entry fee Rs 20 /- per person
Children 5 12 years Rs 10/-
Camera Charges Rs 30 /-
Video Camera Charges Rs 150/-

Entry Time is from 9 AM to 4 PM

Cave is closed on all Mondays. In addition to this few more holidays in a year are Republic Day , May Day or 1st May, Independence day 15th Aug, Gandhi Jayanti 2nd October.

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