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White Desert & Kalo Dungar

White Desert
White desert is the main attraction of Kucha. This is a low depth water which dries up after November month and creates white desert because of layer of salt deposit. This white salt gives spectacular view during full moon day. Tourist can enjoy sunset or sunrise here.

There are many resorts on the way to white desert you can stay minimum one day here. Enjoy village lifestyle in a peaceful atmosphere.

Entry formalities at check-post at Bhirandiyara village

This is a Y Junction at a distance of 55 KM from Bhuj town. The straight road from Bhuj goes towards Kalo Dungar and left side road goes towards Hodka village and white desert ( white Rann ) 30 KM . This is a check post of Gujarat Police. This place is known as Bhirandiyara This is a Tourist facilitation center . You have to show your identity proof and pay the entry fee. Keep one copy of any identity proof of one of the member of your team. You have to fill your address details against each member including your driver.

Per head entry fee is Rs 100 /- & Child is Rs 50/-
Four wheeler entry fee is Rs 50/-

This fee is not included in your cab hire charges. There is no fee to visit Kalo Dungar and India bridge but any way take the permit if you have plan to visit White desert. If you have not taken your permit then on return from Kalo dungar you can collect from this checkpost and proceed towards white desert.

All resorts are on this road from this Checkpost to White desert, if you have any plan of visiting white desert ( must visit ) then you must take this permit. Even if you have booked the resort for night stay then also take the permit otherwise you will not be allowed to enter into white desert road.

As per a resort manager many tourist who comes here directly ( without local guide or local driver ) forget to take permit from checkpost and they have to travel back 30 KM to collect the same.

All resorts are located before the entry point and beyond that nearly 4 KM road is constructed upto the last point of the desert.

Entry Check Post at White desert

Here you have to submit your entry permit and enter details in a register. On return from White desert you can collect these permits from here. From here a 4 KM road will take you inside the white rann. Both side of the road you will see water or white rann depending on the season you are there. Nearly 2 ft water remains upto Dec or Jan and after that it became solid white salt and you can walk over it.

Gujarat Tourism organize Rana Utsav every year near the white desert entry point. Tents are arranged for accommodation of tourists.

Shaam-E-Sarhad the village resort at Hodka is one of the best location to stay. This resort is half way from the check-post to white desert. From check post it is located at a distance of 11 KM. From here white desert is 28 KM.

Gateway to Rann Resort at Dhordo

This resort is located at entrance of the white desert. Checkpost is 30 KM from here.
Dhordo Resort
All resort packages includes breakfast , lunch and dinner. They organize local folk music in evening hours.

Don't miss sunset and sunrise in this region.

Tourist season continues till March and then closes. All resorts here opens in 2nd week of October and closes again in March. During hot seasons no one enters to this area as heavy sand and wind flows here.

Kalo Dungar viewpoint and India bridge

Kalo Dungar ViewPoint
Kalo Dungar or black hill is the highest point of Kutch district. A narrow road climbs up the hill and there is temple of Dattatreya at the top.

Beyond the temple there are two viewpoints give the spectacular view of white Rann ( or white desert ). These two viewpoints are main attraction of Kalo dungar.

No accommodation available at Kalo Dungar. Free food is available at the temple. You may not get any other food nearby areas. There is a small shop selling water bottles and biscuits.

Before Kalo Dungar at one location you can experience vehicle going down with high speed with ignition off. This phenomena was observed by some tourist during Rann Utsav period. We have also experienced the same phenomena while our trip to Kalo Dungar hill .

White Rann at Kalo Dungar
After visiting Kalo dungar you can climb-down and visit India Bridge. This bridge is not open for tourist and it is under border security force . On request you can be allowed to cross the bridge and other side you can take rest or spend some time discussing with brave Indians guarding our country. Collect cool drinking water from here.

Before the India bridge both side of the road you can see white Rann or white desert. This is a spectacular view.

From here return to Check Post by travelling 40 KM. Take a right turn to travel to White desert. It is time to collect your entry permit to visit white desert if you have not taken before. Kalo dungar to Bhju is 90 KM
Kalo dungar to White desert is 70 KM

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