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Bhuj Town

Bhuj Town
Bhuj town was established in 1510 A.D. This town was affected severely by the earthquake in year 2001. Now the city is reconstructed again and it is the central town for Kutch region.

Bhuj town is well connected by rail , road and air to other parts of Gujarat state and neighbouring state of Maharashtra

Road :

There are regular overnight buses from Ahmedabad , Rajkot and other parts of Gujarat. From Paldi area of Ahmedabad sleeper and semi - sleeper buses starts and reaches around 8 AM at Bhuj.


There is daily train from Mumbai - Ahmedabad connecting to Bhuj. You can start around 12 midnight from Ahmedabad and reach Bhuj in morning 7 AM. Bhuj is an end terminal station

There are two flights connects Mumbai to Bhuj

Prag Mahal Palace

Prag Mahal Palace  Bhuj
Located within the city area this palace gives you idea about the erstwhile kings of Bhuj.

This palace was built by Rao Shri Khengarji in 1548 A.D and developed into a palace complex over 300 years of its history. Prag Mahal which is part of Darbargadh complex was built by Maharao Shri Pragmalji ( II ) in 1865 and designed by Col. Henry Saint clair Wilkins in Neo-Gothic style. It is the first building in India to adopt Neo-Gothic style and subsequently several buildings came up in Mumbai area.

The most significant element of the Pragmahal is the 150 feet high bing bang clock tower visible from all parts of Bhuj town.

Take the entry fee and enter inside. First you will see the beautiful Darbar hall, This is a big hall with several wall hangings, paintings, Jumers (chandeliers) and antique furniture. There is pair chair known as love chair. With high ceiling and antique furniture this hall gives classic royal look. This hall is the best part of the palace.
Prag Mahal inside Darbar hall Bhuj
After the Durbar hall you will see several other furniture like palique , sword and weapons on display. There is a inside room with antique furniture , this room was used in shooting of Lagaan movie

There are several furniture displayed in all the halls.
After coming out of these halls you can visit the clock tower. You have to climb around 60 steps on a spiral staircase to reach at the top. There is one big bell and four small bells here at the top. You can get clear view of surrounding areas of the Bhuj town from top of this clock tower.

Parking fee

There is a parking fee of Rs 20 /- to be paid in front of the palace.

Entry fee Rs 20/- per adult
Child fee is Rs 10/-
School group children Rs 5/-
College group Rs 10/-
Mobile Camera Rs 20/-
Camera fee Rs 50/-
Video graphy Rs 200/-

Entry timing : Morning 9.30 to 12.15, Evening 3.00 to 5.45 PM

By the side of this palace is Aina Mahal. Or Palace of Mirror.

Aina Mahal of Bhuj

By the side of Prag Mahal Palace Aina Mahal or house of mirrors has several antique items. Lunar clock is still working. There is a weighing machine used by royal family.

There are several musical instruments on display which shows the interest of royal family on music.

At the bed room there is a bed with four supporting legs made of gold. There is a shoe used by the king which sprays perfume while king was walking,

Entry time is 9 AM to 12 and 3 PM to 6 PM

Thursday close

Here you have to pay entry fee of Rs 20/- per head and camera fee.
Camera fee is Rs 50/- and video photography is Rs 200/-
This building is located close to Prag Mahal Palace.

Swaminarayan temple Bhuj

Swaminarayan Temple Bhuj
This famous temple is located within the city of Bhuj and is one of the main attraction of tourist and devotees of Swaminarayan. This beautiful temple is constructed using white marble stone and is well maintained.

There are carved pillars and well decorated ceilings. All most all parts of the temple you will find carving and art works. There are three entrance to the temple from sides. Total area of the temple is 35000 sq ft.
Free parking and wide area is available around the temple.
Evening time lighting is another attraction of this temple.

Kachchh Museum Bhuj

Bhuj Museum
By the side of lake Hamirsar this museum has several items displaying lifestyle of Kutch people.
Entry timing : 10.00 AM to 01.00 PM In afternoon 02.30 PM to 05.30 PM
This museum is closed on Wednesday, 2nd & 4th Saturday and govt holidays.

Entry fee is Rs 5 /- per Adult and Rs 2/- per child. Foreign visitors charged Rs 50/-
Camera can be used inside the Museum by paying a fee of Rs 100/-

There are two floors in this museum. Ground floor is most attractive with full size statues displaying different types of tribes , lifestyle with all details about their origin and way of life.

First floor is full with textile items and silver art works. Hand weaving cloths are prepared by local artisans and their work is displayed here.

Weapons used by old kings are displayed here.

Outside the museum you can see big size cannons in display.

Ramkund the step well

Bhuj Ramkund Stepwell
Near the museum this stepwell is near RamDhun temple. You have to enter into a Gali area to reach near this stepwell. The approach road is not well maintained probably few tourist visit this place. It is a walk able distance from the museum.

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