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Narayan Sarovar & Koteshwar Mahadev Temple

Narayan Sarovar temple
This place is at the western part of India at a distance of 150 KM from Bhuj. This is one of the five sacred lakes, Panch-Sarovar for Hindus. Sarovar means Lake in Hindi. These famous Sarovars are Bindu Sarovar (Sidhpur, Gujarat ) Mansarovar ( Tibet -China ) , Narayan Sarovar, Pampa Sarovar ( Hampi , Karnataka ) and Pushkar Sarovar ( Rajasthan ).

The temple visiting time is 6.00 AM to 1.00 PM
In afternoon it opens on 4.00 PM and closes at 8.45 PM

There are different temples inside the main complex. Nayaran Sarovar is back side of the temple. Devotees take a parikrama ( or circulating the main temple ) on the walkway prepared on the wall . Narayan Sarovar is a freshwater lake surrounded by sea. Due to absence of rain the lake was dried up and few wells were there on dry bed of the lake.

Opposite to the temple there is a hall where free food is served. A big hall is used to serve food. Roti, Rice , Dal & Subjee is served and at the end you can drink chas ( Curd water drink )

This is the only place where food is available.

While entering to the Nayaran Sarovar town there are welcome arches and you can see salt desert on both side of the road.

Further from the temple you can travel to Koteswar Mahadev temple located at a distance of 4 KM in west side.

To visit Nayaran Sarovar , Bhuj is the main town at a distance of 140 KM. Good road connects Nayaran Sarovar with Bhuj town. On the way you can visit Mata no Madh temple.

Koteshwar Mahadev temple

Koteshwar Mahadev Temple
As you travel further west , you can see Koteshwar Mahadev temple at your left side. This is the west most point and road ends at the temple.

The temple is located at a height from the ground level and you can get spectacular view of the surrounding sea in all directions.

After visiting the temple you can travel towards the sea beach below.

Well built double road connects Narayan sarovar with Bhuj but towards Nayaran Sarovar the areas are deserted and few vehicles passes through this road.

While travelling from Bhuj try to reach Narayan Sarovar before 1 PM or try to reach after 4 PM.

After evening Arati at the temple the area is closed for visitors. Before that try to enjoy sunset from the temple top.
Koteshwar temple

Food & Accommodation

If you are travelling to Nayaran Sarovar and Koteswar Mahadev temple then you can stay at Dharamshala located between Nayaran sarovar and Koteswar Mahadev temple. This is a big complex with all types of room facility.

Food is only available at Nayaran Sarovar temple. This free food is available through donations given by devotees. We could get food even at 2 PM at Nayaran Sarovar temple.

Bhju is the main connecting town to Nayaran Sarovar & Koteshwar Mahadev temple. You can start at morning at 8 AM and return to Bhuj by evening 8 PM. However Nayaran Sarovar is a nice place to stay. If you are travelling from Bhuj then plan one day stay at Dharamshala near Narayan Sarovar. Near the temple complex accommodation can be booked.

From here you can travel to Lakhpat village ( 40 KM ) the border village.

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