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Junagadh Grinar hill gate
The name Junagadh is derived from the two words JUNA means old and GADH means fort.

Junagadh the historic town is a district headquarter of Gujarat sate having forts and Maqbara inside the city. This city is a hub of several religious functions and the famous hill Girnar is located 5 KM from the Junagadh city. Devotees climb the mountain to visit different temples located at different levels of this hill.

Junagadh Uparkot fort

Junagadh Fort
This is the main attraction of Junagadh , to this fort you can take your vehicle to different spots. Vehicle entry fee is Rs 40/-, Tourist Guides are s available at the entrance and they will explain you about various spots and its historic importance.
Inside the fort the road length is 1 KM.

After your entry into the fort complex you will see Idol of Shree Ganesha and Hanuman and then Sri Ram temple.

Inside the fort the main spots are Neelam Menek Cannon, Palace, Buddhist cave , Adikadi Step well, Dhakka Bari, Navghan Well, Grain Storage , Water Pons and Kadanal Cannon.

Neelam & Menek Cannon

Neelam & Menak Cannon at Junagadh fort
There are two cannons guns Neelam and Manek situated in the junagadh Fort these guns were utilized against the Portuguese in Diu in the year 1538 by the Turkish Naval Force under Sulemann. The Turks lost the war and ultimately these cannons were bought to the Fort in Junagadh.

From here you can get full view of Junagadh city.

Next at your right will be Jama Masjid and inside there is Ranakdevi palace. It is not sure which was there first.

Buddhist Caves

Buddhist Caves at  Junagadh fort
The Buddhist caves in upparkot are a very important rock-cut group of caves located at Uperkot ridge, across an eastward slope leading towards the Adi-Chadi Vav.

These caves are scooped out in three tiers from surface downwards, with all members of each gallery shown in semi-relief. There are three rock-hewn chambers each open to the skies.

Adi Kadi Vav , The steeped well

Junagadh Adi Kadi Vav the step well
This steep well has 162 steps with 81 meter long and 4.75 meter wide and 41 meter deep. It is cut in virgin rock. It has non of the usual constructional element such as Kutas ( Pavilion towers ) , bracing beams or niches.

As per the legend Adi & Kadi are two sisters who were sacrificed here to get water inside the well. Another story tells that they are two servants of the queen who were collecting water from this well.

Navghan Kuvo, Uparkot

This well is named after Raj Navghan ( AD 1025-44 ) . In his reign probably belong the built parts of the huge forecourt through which the well is reached.

Steps first straight and then transverse, decent around the shaft in right turning flights. Opening in the side wells let in light.

The well itself may the much older than the built-up forecourt. Some believe it is the oldest example of stepwell.

There is a deep water storage well to provide water to Junagadh city.

A huge food grain storage well is there to manage the need of the people for a year.

At the center of the city in a busy locality you will find two beautiful monuments side by side near the Jama Masjid.

Unfortunately both these beautiful monuments are not maintained well.

Bahauddin Makbara

Another excellent specimen of post medieval Islamic architecture in Indian environment. There are four Minarets around the Makbara with spiral staircase and stone carvings throughout the structure. Vazire-E-Ajam (Prime minister ) Sheikh Bahauddin got it constructed by his own funds during AD 1891- 1896. Expenditure total Rs 84559.70 Annas Among others Sheikh Bahauddin lies buried here. Sheikh Bahauddin also constructed the famous Bahauddin college in Junagadh another famous example of fine architecture.

Mahabat Maqbara

Junagadh Mahabat Maqbara
Within the same compound walls this is grave of Nawab Mahabat Khan II ( 1851 82 ), this tomb is a mixture of Islamic , Hindu and European style. Notable European features are floor to lintel French window and the Gothic columns along the side of doors and windows.

This beautiful historic building stands there without any proper maintenance or attention from any body. The area around the Maqbara is full with garbage , plastic bottles, stray dogs and beggars.
The boards displaying the importance of the area were also damaged. However this monument is the main attraction of Junagadh .

Ashok Lipi

On the way to Girnar mountain on your left side you will find rock edicts of Emperor Ashok written in Brahmi script in Pali language.

The message highlights on principle of purity of thoughts, resistance to greed , secularism in thinking etc .

Damodar Kunda

Before starting the Parikrama of mountain Grinar devotees takes bath here. As per legand Lord Krishna also took bath in this pond.

Bhavnath Mahadev

Bhavnath Mahadev temple at Junagadh fort
Before the foothill of Grinar this is a famous Shiva temple. Every year on Shiva Ratri festival is organized here. During the festivals Naga Sadhus visit here and in midnight they take bath in Murgi Kunda and offer prayer to Lord Shiva.

Further the road will take you to foothill of Girnar hill. From here to the top of the hill has nearly ten thousand steps. Devotees usually start their uphill journey in midnight and return on next day afternoon.

At 3500 steps there is temple of Brahmakumari
At 6000 steps Ambaji Mata temple
At 9999 Datatraya of Lord Shiva temple is there

Grinar Pradhakhina or walking around the Girnar hills covers a distance of 36 KM surrounding the hill , the walking path is through Jungles.

Where to take food

Geeta Lodge at center of the town is the best place to take Gujarait Thali

Gates in Junagar

Inside the Junagarh city there are several gates with fort walls. With the development of the city walls are broken in many places but gates are still there.

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