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Diu is situated at the extreme south of Saurashtra peninsula, this is a small island and one among the sea ports of western India. Diu is not part of Gujarat State Administration. It is under Diu Union Territory covering an area of 40 sq KMs.

It is connected by road and it is also connected by air with daily flight from Mumbai.

The best time to visit Diu is during winter months staring from October to March. The clean environment and beaches attracts several tourist from all parts of world.

Fort of Diu

Diu Fort
The Portuguese fortress of Diu is a formidable and imposing structure in the extreme south east point of the island. The fort has an area of 56736 sq meter in which it had facilities for the storage of all kinds of arms and ammunitions, ration and water which could withstand siege of the fort for longer duration. There are many underground escape channels inside the fort at Diu. This fort is considered to be the most important Portuguese fort situated in Asia.

The fort was constructed by Nuno-Da-Cunha in the year 1536. It was later reconstructed by Viceroy D.Joao-De-Castro in the year 1546.

There are two gateways to enter into this historic citadel. The landing pier and the gateway is protected by the St. George Bastion which is considered to be the oldest part of the fort. The bastion was guarded by Capt.Nannel-De-Souza-De-Supulvedaa who later this fortification till the sea.

This Fort is protected by sea on 3 sides and on the land side was a moat cut through the solid rock. The fort was also highly guarded by cannons on all sides which are still placed inside the fort. The land side of the fort has an imposing double line of bastions facing towards the city of Diu.Three of them are on the outer line of the fort whereas the other four are towards the inner line. All these Bastions have been given the names of famous Christian Saints.

The Gujarat Army under the Nawab Khwaja Safar and his son Rumikhan attacked the Diu Fort from the land side.

Layout of the Fort

The southern wall of the fort faces the sea. The St Luzia Bastain (1650 AD) from extreme point of castle to the eastern side. In between the Bastain of St.Luzia and main Bastain at the gateway are the cisterns of the “king and queens”, so constructed as to collect the rain water. Within the area of the fort of Diu were located the Governor's palace , the prison, barracks for the garrisons, state offices, besides several Churches.

This is an open fort so avoid visiting the fort during noon hours or when climate is hot.

Saint Paul's Church

Saint Paul Church at Diu
This church was founded in 1600 A.D by the Jesuits as Seminary and was subsequently rebuilt in 1807 A.D. The most attractive part of the church is its impressive Gothic façade, considered to be most elaborate of any of the Portuguese church in India.

Photography inside the church is not allowed.

This church is located within 1 KM distance from the Fort so you can visit this church after visiting Fort.

This church is visible from fort of Diu.

Diu Museum

Diu Museum
The St.Thomas church was converted into a museum in 1992. There are artifacts of the 16th century , 400 years old.

Visiting hours are 9. 00 AM to 9 PM
Shoes are to be removed before entering to the museum. You can carry your camera inside. It will take 10 to 20 minutes to complete the visit.

Local market near Jalandhar Beach

Diu Local Market
Inside this market you will get all types of products. Vegetables, fruits , cloths, bags , electronic equipments and many more will be available here. There are hotels available backside of the market with AC and Non AC rooms.

Enjoy walking through the market.

Naida Caves

Diu Naida Caves
This cave is having opening towards top at different locations so sufficient lights falls inside the caves. There are walking tracks provided for tourist with arrow marks showing different direction to move inside the cave.

It will take nearly 30 minutes to 45 minutes to visit the cave. From parking areas you can travel nearly 400 meters to reach entrance of the cave. Steps are available to enter inside the cave. You can comfortably walk inside the cave.

This is a beautiful cave with light falling from different angles by the side of the rocks. This is good for photography. You will find many professional photographers using this set up for portrait photos.

Zampa Gateway

Diu Zampa Gateway
On the way to Naida Caves , this red color gate is the entrance to old Diu town. Well maintained till date this gate gives a historic look to the town of Diu. Nothing is inside this gate now except this beautiful walls and gate. Tourist usually take group photo here or take a selfie keeping the gate in background.

INS Khukhri Memorial & Open air Theater

Diu INS Khukhri
There is a memorial of INS Khukhri a frigate of Indian Navy which was sunk at 40 nautical miles off the cost of Diu after felling pray to three torpedoes fired from a Pakistani submarine on 9th Dec 1971. With the ship 18 officers and 176 sailors laid down their lives for the glory of the nation.

Names of all officers and sailors of the ship are displayed at the top. There is a model of the ship displayed inside a glass house.

There is an open air theater towards sea with seating arrangement for visitors. This theater is used during Diu Festival every year.

Gangeswar Temple: Shiva temple

Diu Gangeswar Temple
The Gangeshwar Shiva temple is situated at a distance of approximately 3km from the Fudam village of Diu.after visiting INS Kukhri you can visit this as they lie nearby to each other. There are 5 shivalingas here located near the sea at the coast. Devotees come here and offer water from the sea to the 5 shivalingas.there is a small canal sort of thing which supplies sea water to all the 5 shivlingas.

Nagoa Beach

Diu Nagoa Beach
Nagoa beach is a popular tourist attraction in Diu which attracts many tourists to Diu. It's ideal for recreational purposes. Multiple water sporting activities can be enjoyed by tourist here , some of them are jetskiing, paragliding, boating, motor-Boating in the Beach etc.

Beach is having several hokka trees by the side of the road. There is a cycle track available for tourist to enjoy cycling by the side of beach road.

This beach is best place to relax and enjoy the beauty of sea.

How to Plan a Trip to Diu

Somnath temple and Gir forest is other attraction nearest to Diu, From Somnath you can travel to Diu and after sightseeing you can stay one night here. If you have early morning Permit for Gir Jungle safari then it is better to stay near Sasan Gir.

Diu to Somnath 85 KM ( One and half hour )
Diu to Sasan Gir 70 KM ( One and half hour )
Diu to Junagarh 180 KM , 3 hours journey

If you are traveling from Ahmedabad then on the way you can visit Junagadh and stay one night at here or at Sasan Gir.

Based on your available date for online Permit for Gir Lion Safari you can plan your trip to Diu including Somanath temple for a minimum period of three days.

However in Diu you can stay for long duration enjoying the clean beaches and peaceful surroundings.

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