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Adalaj Stepwell at Ahmedabad

Adalaj Step well near Ahmedabad
This is not only a step well , it has display of stone architecture through the walls and ceilings of the well. There are ornamental pillars with carving from top to bottom. There are windows with jali work which is quite popular in western part of India. Among sculptures particular mention may be made of a king seated on a stool under parasol with two Chauri- Bearers in attendance, erotic scenes, scene showing churning of buttermilk, bhairava, female dancers and musicians , various birds and animals like Gaja-Sardula, symbolic representation of mother goddess, and medallions, half-medallions, scroll motifs evolving out of Kirtimukha etc.

Walk down the steps and in each floor is having its own decorative walls and horizontal beams.

This octagonal shaft is five storied. Its upper four storeys are entered thorough spiral staircases on western and eastern sides. Climb down and you can see water at last floor. Probably with raising water level ,water can be accessed from different floors.

It is out of the main town of Ahmedabad where bus service of MTS is not available. You can travel nearest bus service ( 8 KM ) and then by local taxi you can reach Adalaj. ST outstation buses stops near Adalaj .

Or you can use State Transport bus travelling in this direction and get dropped at Adalaj, this is the first bus stop outside the city limit for the state transport buses travelling outside Ahmedabad
Entrance of Adalaj Stepwell
From main highway at Adalaj you need to take a right turn and travel for 300 meter to reach the step well, by the side of the well there is a Durga Devi temple.

As per the inscription on a marble slab in the first story on eastern side, this step well was constructed in Samvat 1556 ( AD 1495 ) By Ruda, wife of Vaghela chief Virasimha.

No entry fee, no parking fee,
It will take half hour to visit the stepwell but will take one hour to reach Adalaj village from main city center because of traffic.

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