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Camp site during trekking at Desert

Tanker water is life line at camps during trekking

Camp site during desert trekking near Jaisalmer

During camle safari-after rest

Camel safari - returning

Inside desert a house

Desert in afternoon near Jaisalmer

Morning breakfast at Hattar camp

Desert near Jaisalmer

person walking alone in the desert

Group of camels near Dhaneli village

Breakfast for the camel

Taking care of the camel

Our guide feeding to camel

Camel inside desert taking a full load

Morning view of the campe at Dhaneli village

Camel neck and head

mobile shop selling water cool drinks to trekkers

Camel and a girl inside desert

Marking on neck of the camel about the owner village

Trees does not grow much in Desert

Camel carrying load inside desert

Camel used for day today work inside desert

Desert near Jaisalmer

Desert trees inside

Desert and small trees

Desert near Jaislamer

Villager in desert at Jaisalmer

Desert road to Barna village inside desert

Desert inside

Desert beyond Jaisalmer

Desert near Jaisalmer
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