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camel safari in desert

Trekking on camel back

Passing by the side of a village during trekking

From the camel top to camel back

Going by camel is not a easy job

Getting ready for the camel safari in desert

Camel safari on first day of trekking

A road in desert

Herds of sheep near a village in Desert

Getting ready for the day trip

Before leaving the camp for the trek

Desert view

Cart and camel in desert

Walking on the road inside desert

Ready for trekking in desert

Donkeys in desert

Desert dry sand all around

Taking reset inside desert

trekking throughout day in desert near Jaisalmer

trekking in desert near Jaisalmer

Dead animal in desert trekking

Walking inside desert at Jaisalmer

Desert trekking near Jaisalmer

Drinking water by camel in a desert

Playing cricket to pass time in afternoon during trkking

Rain water storage system in desert

Taking food at a camp inside desert

Discussion with guide during trekking near camp

Playing cricket at the camp during desert trekking

Full view all around the desert

marking on sand - snake crossing the road

Camel from a distance during trekking inside desert
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