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Camel safari near Barna village inside desert

Camel and tourist inside desert

Afternoon desert view

Distance view of Varana village in Desert Jaisalmer

Barna Village near Jaisalmer

Camp inside desert

Desert trekking

Evening sunlight near Varana village Jaisalmer

Desert on fading light

Barna Village from a distance

Desert Resort near Barna village

Luxury Camp inside Jaisalmer

Barna village resort inside desert

During sunset time inside desert near Barna village

Sunset at desert near Barna village

Sunset fading light

Sunset near Barna village

Watching sunset inside desert

Sunset near Barna village inside desert

Resort near Barna village

Desert resort near Barna village

Kids of Barna village near camp

Base camp at Jaisalmer during desert trekking

Camel safari during desert trekking

Desert trekking by camel

From top of the camel during desert trekking

From camel top during trekking

View from Camel top during desert trekking

Desert during trekking

From camel top - desert trekking

Desert all around

Desert safari during trekking
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