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Desert bushes all around

Big trees are very rare inside desert

Ships keeping themselves cool by forming groups

Desert road in sand

Small walking road inside desert

Sand in desert

desert sand in afternoon time

Desert road and sand

Group trekking on the way

Sand inside desert

A desert trekker

Desert soil

Few trees within desert

Sand dune in a desert

Villager with camels inside desert

Dead animal in a desert trekking

Trekking near camp

Camp inside desert trekking

Trekking in the morning

Trekking to next camp near Jaisalmer

Desert road

Sand road inside desert

roads inside desert

Flat road in desert

After lunch rest while trekking in desert

Sand on bushes in desert

Trekking near Jaisalmer

Trekking down a hill on sand desert

Desert camp

Cool drinking water storage system inside desert

Desert in afternoon
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