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Coonoor Sim's Park near Ooty

Sims Park at CoonoorThis botanical park is located at a height of 1780 meters above mean sea level. Here maximum temperature goes upto 30 degree centigrade and minimum falls to five degree centigrade. This garden gets average rain fall of 150 cm. Established in the year 1874 this park is located in an area of 12.14 Hq. This plant has more than 1000 species of 255 generas belonging to 85 families widely covering different group of plants.

This park has resulted by the introduction of many rare species belonging to Eucalyptus, Acacia, Pinus, Cinnamomum etc. Green Lawns at Sims ParkThere are beautiful terrace with colorful flower beds, lawns and rockeries inside this park. Most of the plants here are exotic and introduced from almost all the countries. There are rare economic trees like Rudraksh ( bead tree ), Cinnamomum etc and graceful trees like Araucaria, Quercus, Phoenix, Magnolia, Pine, Turpentine, Tree ferns, Camellia etc.
Around Coonoor
The tariff is Rs 5 for adults and Rs 2 for children. To take inside your still camera you have to pay Rs 25. For taking Video camera one has to pay Rs 250.

Elephant Trunk treeThere is a glass house housing different ornamental plants and flowers.

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When i come first time to this place i rieally feel very very vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvry sooooooooooo......happy in coonoor high field tea estate and sims park. i love ooty place.I saw the ooty two times.but secend time i miss to see a botanical garden......may be i will come to ooty after two months.


When i come first time to this place i rieally feel very very nice.I saw the ooty five times.again i come last week.


we came to ooty for honeymoon and are very eager to visit it again. sims park was the first place in ooty we visited. its very much beautiful place. also i like botonical garden, rose garden and tea estate.
michael raj kumar


This is michael born and brought up from coonoor. A small information to you update the school's with the school's picture that is here in coonoor and ooty...
thank u
your's faithfully


I have seen a rose like flower in white color in Sims park,coonoor.
Its awesome, can u let me know the name of that special flower.


its vinitha from ooty..... i visited sims park one time and enjoyed a lot........ also i like its environment.........


frst time when i have visited sims park 20 years back realy very beautiful place, every year i like to goooooo Now i desied to by one house at coonoor for my permannent stay

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