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Sar pass crossing
Himalayan peaks view from Guna pani higher camp
Wide view of Himalayan range from Gunna paani camp sarpass YHAI trekking
Wide view of Himalayan range at Gunna paani camp through goggles
Himalaya wide range of snow covered peaks view at Gunaa paani
cloud burst on himalayan peaks as seen at Guna paani camp Sarpass YHAI trek
Grass meeting snow at Tila lotni camp site
Snow and sky at Tila lotni
sar pass view from Tila lotni
Trekking from Tila lotni
Landscape before Zirmi camp site
Himalaya mountain and land scape on the way to Tila lotni from Zirmi
equivalent to a calendar kind of picture at Zirmi
a beautiful land scape at Zirmi with tree and Himalayan peak
View of sar peak from Zirmi
early hours sun rays touching the tree
Before rest point between Zirmi and Tila lotni
on the way to Tila Lotni
After lunch point before reaching ice point
Towards Kullu valley from before Tila lotni
Heavenly land of Himalayas on the way to Tila Lotni
starting of ice before Tila lotni
walking on ice before Tila lotni
towards valley as seen walking on ice towards Tila Lotni
Green and Himalayan combination
End of trees at Himalayan peak
Trekkers at Sarpass towards Tila Lotni
Colors of nature
Gorgeous colors of nature at Himalayas
Lunch point on the way to Tila Lotni
Smooth snow everywhere at Sarpass
Photographers taking photos during Sarpass trek 2009

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