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Morning activity of trekkers at Bhandak thatch
We are all lilliputs in front of mother nature
View of Kheer ganga peaks from Biskeri thatch camp site
Tender lighting at Biskeri thatch
Surrendered to nature
Sunrise at Bhandak thatch
Tents at Bhandak thatch
Towards Bhandak thatch from Biskeri thatch
Beauty of light at Bhandak Thatch
Early hours at Bhandak
Starting from Biskeri
Landscape before reaching Barshaini village
Steep, descent
Tea point, view of Himalayas
Before reaching rest point, last day
Vast green land and Snow capped peaks
Scene near Zirmi
Trees in front of Himalayan hills
nature beauty at Himalaya
Himalayan range during Sarpass trek
Glacier view during Sarpass trek
Mountains, valleys and Glacier view
Cattles in Himalayas
Pond formation due to snow melting
Cattles drinking water
pond in front of glacier
Trekkers at Himalayas
Last traces of trees at Himalayas
Trekker resting while enjoying the Himalayan snow covered peaks
Trekker enjoying Himalayan range
Portrait of Himalayan mountain
Steep climbing of Himalayas

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