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A rock near the Sunkhi ghati

A closer view of the rock near Andhra border towards Odisha

The greenery of the valleys.

beautiful valleys

beautiful valleys

The roads along the valleys

valleys of sunkhi ghati

the peak point of the valley

the top view of the complete valley

valleys of sunkhi ghati

welcome boards of Andhra and Odisha gates

farming done by the local people on the valleys

farming done on the valleys

at the check post

Custard apples being sold at the checkpost @100rs/basket

terrace farming at the valleys

stream flowing between the crops

roads of the valleys

local people breaking pebbles for there daily earnings

a lady sitting and breaking the pebbles for her daily earnings

valleys near sunkhi ghati

cabbage farming

mustard plantation

valleys of sunkhi ghati

A temple on the way

Greenery on the road side in Odisha

Eucalyptus trees on the road side

A small hydrolic project on the road side

The jagannath temple at Koraput

The jagannath temple at Koraput

Temple at koraput

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