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Camp site totally covered with ice at Daura thatch

Climbing the peak after Saur lake crossing

Guide walking at Himalayas during Saur lake crossing

Sherpa giving helping hand to one of the trekker

The path trekkers took after Daura thatch

Viewing the beauty of Himalayas

Vast Himalayan view at the peak of Saur lake

View of the slide after Saurkundi pass

The peak, after lunch point

Ice everywhere, after crossing Saurlake

Lush green and valley view

Horses at Himalayas

Valley view towards Kullu from height

Local people inside a tent at Maylee

Steep climb before Maylee thatch

Rest point before reaching lunch point, on the way to Daura thatch

Before reaching Alu ground during YHAI Saurkundi pass trek

Sun rise at Himalayas shot during Saurkundi YHAI pass trekking

Jungle tree leaves seen during Saur lake pass trekking at Kullu valley

Manali Alu ground view from top of Saurkundi trek last day

Kullu view from first camp of YHAI Saurkundi trek

Valley view on the way to second higher camp

Some pattern in the sky of Himalaya

light invited by a tree

Himalayan peaks from Zirmi

Himalayan peak view during Sarpass trekking

Landscape of Himalaya using Tamron 11-18 with Canon 30D

Snow white Himalayan peaks

Wider view of landscape on the way to Sarpass

Portrait of tree at Himalaya

3D view of huge landscape in Himalayan trekking

rest place in between trekking to Zirmi higher camp
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