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Ooty toy train photo

Que for toy train at Mettupalayam

Front side of Ooty toy train

Rack and pinion arrangements of Ooty train

Nilgiri passenger train

Train front side- engine is at the back

Train stopped due tree falling

Front side - train ready to start

Front side of the Ooty train

Green wall by the side of the train

Train track of Ooty train

Time for tea- train at a station

Ooty Train compartments

Station master

Station master

Ooty train bridge

The track of Nilgiri toy train

The track of Nilgiri toy train

Train at a station - photo session for the passengers

Rack and pinion arrangements of Ooty train

Coonoor station of Nilgiri railway

Train compartments of Nilgiri train

Disel engine at Coonoor station

Aravankadu station of Nilgiri railway

Disel engine at the back of the train

Small station

Towards Ooty - Front side of the train

Engine is at Back side of the train

Towards Ooty

Ketti station of Nilgiri railway

Small station

Engine is at the back- train is going to Ooty
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