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Full Vertical view of Buddha statue at Monastery in Manali

Horizontal view of Buddha at Manali Buddhist Monastery

Right side view of Buddha statue at manali Buddhist Monastery

Close view of face of Buddha statue

Left side view of Buddha face

Front view of Buddha face at Manali buddhist Monastery

Statue of Buddhist monk at Manali Monastery

Dragon in front of the main entrance in Buddhist monastery of Manali

Art on cloth inside Buddhist Monastery at Manali

pattern on painting on wall in Buddhist Monastery Manali

Chinese Paintings on wall at Manali Buddhist Monastery

Oil paintings of Chinese style at Manali Buddhist Monastery

Traditional Buddhist style of worshiping

Statue of Guru Padma Sambhava at Manali Buddhist Monastery

statues at Manali Buddhist Monastery

Statues with oil painting

Chinese style statue with oil painting

statue of a guru at manali buddhist Monastery

statue of Tara Devi at Manali Buddhist monastery

Location of Buddhist Monastery at manali in front of ice covered mountains

Front view of Tibetan Monastery at Manali

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