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Snow on slopes of Kufri in winter

Roads are cleared in winter seasons at Kufri

Tourist on road at Kufri

Tourist visiting Kufri in winter

Tourist at Shimla visit Kufir in winter

Less snow in sorrounding peaks of Kufri

Guest House and holiday homes at Kufri in winter

Snow at roof tops of hotels at Kufri in winter

Kufri snow in winter

Snow in winter at Kufri

Melting snow as water line at Kufri in winter

Meling icicles from roof top at Kufri in winter

Water from icicles while melting at Kufri in winter at Shimla

Icicles at roof tops of Kufri in winter

Kufrin village in winter

Snow around Kufri in witner

Kufri Zoo in winter

Snow near Park area at Kufrin in witnter

Zoo is full with snow in winter at Kufri

Cafteria is full with snow

Snow at resturants in Kufri

Snow over hotels at Kufri in winter

Zoo is coverd with snow in winter at Shimla

Enterance of the park at Kufri in Shimla

Road near Kufri

Zoo entrance at Kufri

Roads with snow at Kufri

Near Zoo and Park at Kufri in winter snow

Park and zoo area at Kufri in winter

Shops at Kufri in winter

Main raod at Kufri

Entrance area to Park at Kufri
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