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Kolluru Bamboo Huts by the side of River Godavari

Huts from a distance

Huts for tourists from the river Godavari

Huts and river Godavari

Hills river Sand and Huts at Kolluru

Huts of Bamboo

Huts from a distance

Boats by the side of Huts

Huts and river Sand by the side of Godavari

Tourist reach Kolluru by boat from Rajahmundry

River side huts

Huts by the side of river

Food is arranged near the Huts by the side of river

Huts and river

Food for tourist

Small boats and the Huts

Huts from a distance

Color of Huts

Huts and Godavari river

By the side of river the Huts

River Godavari and Kolluru Huts

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