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Gwalior Fort at top of a hill

Need to climb this road to reach Fort area or Gwalior Gate

One of the gate in slope area of Gwalior Fort

Next gate of Gwalior fort will walking from city end

Temple on the way to Gwalior gate of the fort

Slope towards main entrance while coming from Gwalior gate

Twenty minutes to climb to reach the main entrance of Gwalior Fort

View of Gwalior city from the main entrance

Rock cut temples on the way to fort entrance at Gwalior

Slope to climb at Gwalior fort

A Masjid on the way to fort

Climb the road to reach the main gate of Gwalior fort

Wall of the Gwalior fort

Watch tour at Gwalior fort

Art work on the walls of Gwalior fort

Vertical wall protecting the fort at Gwalior

View of Gwalior city from the fort

Fort wall approch road and Gwalior city

Entrance to the main fort area

Man Mandir the palace of Raja Man Singh inside Gwalior fort

Courtyards of Man Mandir Palace inside Gwalior fort

View of Gwalior city from inside the Palace

Art work of Man Mandir Palace

Art work and several paintings inside Man Mandir Palace

Hindu temple structure inside Man Mandir Palace at Gwalior fort

Main fort area before evening

View of the fort

Colorful wals of the fort at Gwalior

Color in the walls of Gwalior fort

Main enrance door towards Gwalior city

Fort wall before evening

Walls of the main palace before evening
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