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Dwarakadhis temple from River side

By the side of Gomti river Ghat symmetrical structur

River side Dwaraka temple

Structure at road side near Dwarak Temple

Dwarakadhis temple from a distance

Laxmi Narayan temple near Dwarakadhis temple at Dwaraka

Starting from Okha to Dwarkadhish temple at Bet-Dwarka

On the way to Bet-Dwarka

Dwarkadish temple

Dwarkadish temple at Dwarka

Dwarka temple and Gomti river - Sudama Bridge

Sudama Bridge on Gomti river at Dwaraka

Dwarka temple at river side

By the side of Gomti river Dwarka temple

Dwarkadish temple and Gomti river

Dwarkadish temple flag is being changed

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