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Passing through Jungle

Rout mark on the trek

Hills with snow

Inside Jungle

Himalayan black bear

Snow by the side of the road

temples by the side

snow on hill slopes

Snow and hills

More snow by the side

snow at both sides of the road

view of snow capped hills

snow road

road and snow

Road and snow

snow road

At Lakarmandi

Entry to Kalatop Khajjiar wildlife sanctuary

Snow at Lakarmandi


Fun with snow at Lakarmandi

Lakarmandi village houses under snow cover

Snow cover at Lakarmandi

Lakarmandi village under snow

Inside Kalatop wildlife sanctuary

Towards Kalatope guest house

Welcome banner at Kalatop

view of snow capped hills from Kalatop

Hills and Kalatope

Snow hills and Kalatope

Hills with snow at Kalatope

Around Kalatope
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