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Dhunda Camp site near snow mountains

Lohasu Thatch camp site during morning time

Dhunda camp water pipe line collecting melting snow water

Camp at Lohasu Thatch after Kedar Kantha camp

Talhouti camp back side

Near Talhouti camp during Kedar Kantha trekking

Talhouti camp site in Kedarkantha trekking

With some villagers returning from morning walk and exercise

Duryodhan Temple at Sour village near Sankari Base camp

Sour village near Sankri the base camp of trekking: morning photo

Higher Camp below the Kedarkantha hill during trekking

Camp site at Juda Talao on the first day of actual trekking

Afternoon time after a rain at Juda Talao camp site during trekking

Kedarkantha trekking: camp site near this small pond or Talao

Camp site by the side of Juda Talao in Kedar trekking

Juda Talao camp site just after rain in after noon during trekking

Temple at Sankri base camp of trekking

Kedarkantha base camp during trekking

View near Kedarkantha camp

Green Meadow near Kedarkantha trekking

Kedarkantha camp view of hills and green meadow

After rain at Kedarkantha camp site during trekking

In front of camp site at Kedarkantha just after rain

Just before rain during trekking at Kedarkantha

Kedarkantha camps at a beautiful green meadow

Side hills ner camp site at Kedarkantha trekking

Blue sky and green valley near Kedar Kantha trekking camp

Camp site during Kedarkantha trekking below the Kedar Kantha hill

After the rain green valley near Kedarkantha camp

View near Kedarkantha camp after rain

Viw of camp near Kedarkantha : green valley

Light after rain near Kedarkantha camp during trekking
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