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Snail macro Sigma 150mm macro lens on Canon 30D photo

Lemon Pansy butterfly open wings

Snail photo macro Sigma 150mm macro lens on Canon 30D

Tawny coster butterflies mating

Macro butterfly mating photo from 350D Sigma 150mm

Tawny coster butterflies mating from sigma 150mm macro

Tawny coster butterflies mating vertical space

Tawny coster butterfly mating more depth

Tawny coster butterflies mating shallow depth

Tawny coster mating one in focus

Yellow Orange tip butterfly

Longbrand Bushbrown butterfly side pose

yellow winged butterfly on a flower

White winged butterfly on a flower

common grass yellow winged with black tips butterfly

common grass yellow butterfly on a Marigold flower

Common Five-ring butterflies mating close up

Common Five ring butterflies mating

yellow winged with orange tip butterfly

tailed jay Butterfly Graphium Agamemnon Sigma 150mm macro lens on 30D Canon

tailed jay Butterly Graphium Agamemnon Tamron 70-300 on 30D macro

A focus stack attempt for Mormo butterfly, sigma 150mm macro Canon 30d

Danaid Eggfly Butterfly Canon 30D Tamron 70-300 macro mode close up

A moth in Orange colour close up Macro Sigma 150mm Canon 30D

Common Evening Brown Butterfly close up photo Sigma 150mm macro Canon 30D

Melantis leda Common Evening Brown Butterfly Sigma 150mm macro Canon 30D

Mormo butterfly close up shot with Sigma 150mm macro Canon 30D

Lemon Pansy Butterfly One wing focussed

Macro mode from Tamron 70-300 Tawny coaster butterfly photo

butterfly on a small leaf with black and brown wings

Dark winged butterfly with green leaves at foreground

Canon 30D with Tamron 70-300 used in Macro mode Tawny coaster side pose
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