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From Hatchery centre

Chick just after hatching

Poultry layer hen

Indian layer hen

Vizag zoo white swan

Black swan in pond

Peacock in vizag zoo

Birds of India

Ponds heron from Tamron 70-300 Canon 20D

flying white bird near a pond from Tamron 70-300 on Canon 20D

Egret close up

Egret walking

Egret evening back light

Rooster, red colour

Red colour rooster

Rooster opening mouth

Portrait of Black Drongo bird close up

Portrait of Black Drongo bird Canon 100-400 L IS on 20D

Black Drongo shot from Canon 100-400 L IS on 20D

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Little cormorant sitting at the middle of a pond

Pond heron from a distance in a lake shot with 100-400 L IS Canon 20D

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Silhoutte of Black drongo

Silhoutte of Black drongo bird during Sun Rise

Drongo bird on a perch during Sun rise
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