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Araku valley in afternoon time

Kirndul passenger at Araku Valley

Cloud on hills of Araku valley

Curved road during rainy season

Hills covered with cloud at Araku

Cloud and Hills at Araku

Green area around Araku valley

Green valley during rain

River water during rain at Araku

River flowing with rain water at Araku

Green fields around Araku valley during rainy season

Rainy season at Araku valley

During rain Araku valley became green

Green valley near Araku

Clouds covering hills on the way to Araku during rain

Clouds during rainy season

Borra caves road during rainy season

Bus travelling near Borra caves during rainy season

Clouds during rainy season near Borra caves

Cloud during rainy season in Araku valley

Road at bend during rain on the way to Araku
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