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Amber Fort from NH

Amber Fort from a distance

Parking area near Ambar Fort Jaipur

Walls of Amber fort at Jaipur

Outside hill view of Ambar fort at Jaipur

Open area for king to hold discussion at Ambar fort

Main entrance at Ambar fort Jaipur

Inside Ambar Palace area

View of the walls surrounding Ambar Palace

Decorative walls inside Ambar fort Jaipur

Jai Mandir inside Ambar fort

Hall of mirrors at Ambar fort

Amber Fort

Bathing place for queen at Amber fort

Security guard at every corner of the palace

Security guard at Ambar Fort

Security guard positions at Ambar fort

Mirror works at walls of Amber fort

Glass work at roof of Sheesh Mahal in Ambar Fort Jaipur

Sheesh Mahal roof inside Amber fort at Jaipur

Mirror works roof of Amber fort

Sheesh Mahal is the most beautiful place in Jaipur

Ornamental design at Sheesh Mahal in Ambar fort

Ambar Fort Jaipur

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