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Haldighati Maharana Pratap Museum

Rana Pratap MuseumHaldighati is located at a distance of 40 KM from Udaipur is famous for the battle took place here on 18th June, 1576 between Maharana Pratap Singh of Mewar and Mughal army of Akbar of Delhi. There is a museum storing many weapons and paintings of the famous battle. Light and sound shows give a glimpses of the events inside the museum. Entry ticket is Rs 30 and camera ticket is Rs 10 to carry inside. Inside the museum in some places particularly near the light and sound show photography is not allowed. Visitors can keep the camera with them.


While passing through Haldighati Mughal army faced many casualties as Bhil tribes of Rajput army attacked from top of the hills. After a retreat the Mughal army reassembled and the main battle took place at a place known as Raktatalai or Khon-ki-talai is a plan are at the other side of river Banas where a furious fight between the victorious Rajputs and reassembled Mughal army. The Rana Pratap riding the famous horse Chetak was leading the Rajputs. Man Singh ( A Rajput and King of Jaipur ) was the commander for the Mughal army. The fight was so deadly that the place was full with dead bodies.

Rana Pratap During the battle Rana Pratap Sing's horse Chetak got injured as one of its leg got cut when Rana Pratap attacked the elephant of Man Singh. To save the life of Pratap Singh the injured horse took his mater away from the battle field and cover a safe distance. After jumping a 22 ft river it collapsed and died. This place is marked with a Chetak Samadhi. This circumstance had forced the Rajputs to retreat and the struggle ended at mid day of 21st June 1576 AD

The soil of this Haladighati is deep yellow in color and resembles turmeric powder.

Later at Raktatalai, Maharana Karan Singh had raised on of the Chhatris in the honor of Ram Shah Tanwar of Gwalior and his three sons who fell fighting valiantly to the last drop of their blood for the cause of their patron Rana Pratap.

Rana Pratap birth place is at Kumbhalgarh fort. Raktatalai The battle field between Akbar and Rana Pratap

Chetak was never forget.
Vikram Singh10-03-2011
I Am Proud Of You my Horse
i am chundawat rajput so proved of rajput
Man singh traitor got his daughter married to Akbar and Taj Mahal was gifted to Mughals
Digvijay Singh08-01-2012
I'm proud to be a royal rajput . . . . Sisodiya
GOVIND PAWAR11-02-2012
This great hindu warrior will never seen again proud to be an hindu.
Parth Majumdar25-05-2012
it's my pride that I am from Veer Bhumi Udaipur.
Soumistha Banerjee12-03-2013
Maharana Pratap,with his life devoted to the Independence of Mewar,receives NAMANS not only from the deshbhakt Rajputs but every Indian salutes him with heartfelt reverence.
Can any help me find the Museum in Haldhi ghat who sell Jamun ark. It is the distillation of Jamun fruit and is useful for diabetic. We purchased one bottle but do not find the phone number of the manufacturer.
nikhil sharma21-05-2013
i liked chetak' s bravery
col chadha01-06-2013
Global Cultural Foundation organising Battle Of Haldi Ghati True narration after great research with slide show.narration will be in the form of prose and poetry in simple language. great event not to be missed. all rajputs and patriots should attend this great event.
loc Epicentre auditorium Gurgaon on 18th Jun from 0730pm onwards
R R S Sisodia27-09-2013
I salute Chetak and Rana Pratap from the very core of heart and proud to be being the Sisodias.
Proud to be a rajput. I am a tanwar rajput and feel proudy for all the rajput soldiers who fought fiercely.
Himanshu sharma09-04-2014
I am very proud of being a rajasthani : The Motherland of maharana pratap and also proud of his horse's bravery and faithfulness against his mentor The PRATAP.
Aashtika Singh24-04-2014
I am proud to be a rajput because my heros are Maharana Pratap and his horse Chetak and I salute them.
I salute to Maharana Pratap. He still live in heart of every Indians.
Aashtika singh09-05-2014
Happy Birthday to you Maharana Pratap.What a coinsense my Birthday was Yesterday.I salute him.
maharana pratap was a super human being.unbelievable energy n mental strength!many many pranam to pratap n chetak.
Nizam Khan19-08-2014
India is a place of huge brave people really maharana pratap was a great werriour
Tarun Pratap Singh19-10-2014
We are never forgot the Rana Pratap and his horse Chetak .India have proud on them.
Royal Rajput19-05-2015
I m proud to feel that we are belongs to the great King Maharana Pratap & his horse Chetek.
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